Daniel Webster: We Need Medicare for All

April 6, 2017 at 10:00 am

Location: Daniel Webster’s office / Government Center, 212 W Main Street, Inverness, FL, 34450

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A majority of citizens of our country favor a Medicare for all / single-payer system. Senator Bernie Sanders is committed to introducing a companion bill to HR 676, the John Conyers Medicare for All house bill which is gaining sponsors all the time.

The recent failure of the “repeal and replace” AHCA underscores the power we the people have. We must strike now while the iron is hot and convince Rep Daniel Webster that the current for-profit system is killing people and is set up of by and for the insurance / drug industry. We must pass a health care bill that is based on health over profit–a New, Improved Medicare for All–NIMA.

We will be bringing in supporting documents and stories telling Rep Webster to support HR 676–Medicare for All.
Webster’s staff said he won’t be in-district this week, so for our first meeting, we’ll speak with the Inverness staff person.

Please come to this NON-PARTISAN EVENT.

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