By Cory Pippin for Local 15 TV.

Supporters of the group Medicare For All believe it’s the perfect time to expand and improve health care across the country.

As the future of healthcare in the United States remains uncertain, concerned locals gathered in Bienville Square on Saturday.

Many held signs and were adamant about what they believe is the solution: the expansion and improvement of Medicare.

Supporter Vicki Bowers has worked as a medical social worker for 25 years. Bowers said she has seen uninsured and insured people struggle with rising costs.

“We can afford to do this. But most importantly, it can save lives and that makes it a moral issue in my mind as well,” said Bowers.

William Tillman, 4th year medical student at South Alabama, organized the rally in the name of Medicare For All.

“We do away with the private insurance industry and all citizens are essentially given an updated version of Medicare,” Tillman said.

Tillman says he believes a move to the single payer system could say nearly $400 billion and make healthcare cost less and cover everyone.

“By shifting the payment structure to taxation rather than a premium payment. It’s streamlined, it’s efficient and it works,” said Tillman.

Bowers said she believes the timing is perfect.

Last month, President Trump’s administration failed to get enough votes from legislators to pass the American Health Care Act.

“It’s time to ask what’s wrong with the picture when an Iphone costs $800 but a single hearing aid costs thousands,” Bowers said.

Supporters say expanding Medicare would also be a better option than replacing Obamacare.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can reach out to Medicare For All on their social media page.

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