In April, 2017, heads of businesses launched a new campaign, Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare.

They recognize that the United States is unique among industrialized nations in a bad way for not having a publicly-financed universal healthcare system. This hurts businesses in a number of ways:
1. They spend tremendous time and resources on choosing insurance plans for their employees, paying for them and interacting with health insurers.
2. Healthcare costs are unpredictable from year to year, but they are rising faster than inflation.
3. Businesses that provide health insurance are at a competitive disadvantage with those in the US who do not and with those abroad that are based in countries that have health systems.

The United States’experiment with a market-based system has failed. The US spends the most on health care, yet we leave tens of millions without insurance, have tens of millions more who have insurance but still can’t afford necessary care, have hundreds of thousands who go bankrupt each year due to medical illness and our health outcomes are poor by comparison.

Businesses are now supporting National Improved Medicare for All single payer healthcare because they want to be relieved of the burden of being involved in health care so they can focus their time and resources on their businesses. Gene Marks explained his support last week in the Washington Post: “Why I’m Finally Ready To Agree A Single-Payer Healthcare System Would Be Better for Business.”

John Conyers bill, HR 676, would create National Improved Medicare for All. It currently has 109 co-sponsors in the House. Senator Sanders is expected to introduce similar legislation.

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