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We thought that Senator Sanders was on track to introduce and advocate for a national improved Medicare for All bill, but Tuesday he stated publicly  at a Planned Parenthood rally that his priorities are to first defeat the Republican health plan, then to improve the Affordable Care Act with a public option or allowing people to buy-in to Medicare, and then we can work for single payer.

This was confirmed by his deputy communications director Josh Miller-Lewis who said “[Sanders has] said many times over the last six months that we need to move toward a Medicare-for-all system, but in the short-term we should improve the ACA with a public option and by lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 55.”

This is the line being used by the Democrats to take the single payer movement off track. It’s the same line that worked so effectively in 2009-10. I wrote about that with Kevin Zeese in 2013 in “Obamacare: The Biggest Insurance Scam in History.”

We have to be smarter than that this time. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a huge bail out for the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries at a time when almost 50 million people in the US were without health insurance. It set up markets to sell insurance that everyone was mandated to buy, unless they were covered by a public insurance, hired people to sell the insurance and subsidized the purchase of health insurance with $100 billion every year. Think about it – that $100 billion is going straight into the bank accounts of the private health insurance companies who are designed to spend as little as they can on actual health care.

Neither another public insurance nor an option to buy into Medicare will solve the healthcare crisis in the United States. They won’t cover the tens of millions who are still without health insurance. They won’t get rid of the co-pays and deductibles that make people with health insurance avoid or delay seeking care due to cost. They won’t bring down the prices of health services and pharmaceuticals. They won’t end bankruptcy due to medical illness.

Only a National Improved Medicare for All single payer healthcare system will achieve those goals.

We are already spending enough on health care in the US to provide comprehensive health care to everyone. We have a bill that lays out the framework for a National Improved Medicare for All healthcare system: HR 676. A majority of Democrats in the House have signed on to it as co-sponsors.

So, why are they trying to convince us to accept a public option or a Medicare buy-in? It’s because they are corrupted by money – campaign contributions that they receive from the corporations that profit from the current system. You may say, well Bernie doesn’t take corporate money, so why would he go along with this charade? It may be because he has greater allegiance to the Democratic Party than he has to the supporters of Medicare for All, his base. He may fear losing positions on committees or his new position of leadership within the party.

What do we do?

We have to be clear and uncompromising in our demand for National Improved Medicare for All NOW! We can’t put this fight off any longer because those in power will always try to knock us off course. The people and their families who are suffering under the current healthcare (non)system can’t wait any longer.

We have to put Bernie back on track!

Flood his office with phone calls: 202 224 5141.

Contact your Senators and urge them not to support a public option or Medicare for some. Tell them to support National Improved Medicare for All now. And ask them if they would like to be the single payer champion and introduce a senate companion bill to HR 676.

Perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren is that champion. She admitted this week that the ACA was a conservative model and that the next step is single payer. She is urging Democrats to support Medicare for All.

Keep organizing and mobilizing for National Improved Medicare for All. The next series of events will be around Medicare’s birthday at the end of July. Click here to read the call to action.

Social movements have always been told that they are asking for too much. National Improved Medicare for All is not too much – it is what we need. And we will win this struggle!

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  1. I called Rep. Slaughter’s DC And local office. I noted info on a report back from a “tool” link. I just got off phone with Sanders D.C. office and expressed my disappointment that he is yet to introduce companion to HR 676. I also said rumor is that MY senator, Chuck Schumer, is pressuring him NOT to introduce single payer now. I then called Schumer’s local office (his D.C. office never answers) and told him support for ACA is unacceptable and that, word is, he’s pressuring Sanders not to promote Medicare for all.

  2. Just called Elizabeth Warren’s DC office. Asked her to introduce Single Payer in solidarity with House Democrats.

  3. Just called Gillibrand’s local office in Rochester, NY. Complained about the alpha-male paradigm in our Democraric insturution. I asked her to champion single Payer rather than letting Schumer bask in the limelight.

  4. “We can’t delay medicare for all” as if that’s even remotely a realistic option politically right now. Whereas maybe a Public Option is and stopping AHCA actually is. Push for SP strongly but don’t sacrifice people hurt by AHCA for your ideology.

    Benrie’s one senator. What makes you think him pushing for med-4-all will make it magically pass? Even the P.O. is highly unlikely itself.

    1. It’s not realistic to keep saying that we’ll get to it later. Sanders is serving the Democrats. That’s his job as leadership in the Democratic party. We are the movement for single payer. Our job is to keep pushing and fighting for it with the recognition that that is how we will ultimately win and that people will suffer and die unnecessarily until we do win.

  5. I get you…however the reason a public option would probably work very well (and lead directly to single payer within a few short years) is that once people started using it and loving it (and compared to private insurance Medicare is a wonderful thing)….and telling all their friends about how great it is, how much money they are saving, etc. – soon everyone would be signing onto the public option, thereby making single payer the only viable option as insurance companies start going under for lack of customer base.

    1. That is a myth. It isn’t what has happened. The public insurance attracts the sickest and fails under the burden of paying for their care. The insurers cover the healthy and make lots of money.

  6. Medicare for All doesn’t have a prayer as long as there’s a Republican majority in Congess. Meanwhile, the draconian Trumpcare bill still might be passed. Sanders understands how Congress works; you clearly do not. Medicare for All can’t possibly pass until there’s a progressive majority to vote for it and a president who will sign it, and at the moment we have neither. Introducing such a bill now is just political theater. There might be a tactical purpose for theatrics sometime, but not when there’s a fight on to stop something worse from being passed.

    1. I don’t agree. It’s not who’s in power – single payer was off the table under Democratic leadership – it’s what the movement does to make single payer the only acceptable solution. That’s how social transformation happens.

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