Sign Wave for Medicare for All

Monday, July 24 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

Location: Prince Kuhio Federal Building 300 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI

Medicare provides health care with an administrative overhead of 2%. That is about one trillion dollars less expensive than private health insurance under the ACA! Perhaps we should consider to give Medicare or Medicaid to everyone?

Show Senator Schatz and Senator Hirono your support for a national health care plan Without Private Insurance companies or Big Pharma driving up the costs. We need both of our senators to support HR676 Improved Medicare For All, and they both have offices in the Prince Kuhio Federal Building.

We’ll sign wave from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. That’s long, but starting at 3:00 gives us time before the Federal building closes to go up stairs, and if some of us stay till 6:00, people can join us after work. Come for the first shift, or the second shift, depending on your schedule.

Sign making material will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

A few of us will take turns heading up to Senators Schatz and Senator Hirono’s office, hand delivering letters of support for HR676 Improved Medicare For All. Please prepare your letter in advance. When you enter their office, please don’t read your letter out loud. Instead, paraphrase it, and explain ‘from the heart,’ why you need them to support Improved Medicare For All.

On the way back, we should stop off at Tulsi’s office and thank her for co signing HR676 Improved Medicare For All. While there, pass a message to her staff asking Tulsi to help educate more people on this topic by hosting Health Care Town Halls.

This event is part of a national day of action created by a group of single payer supporters called Millions Marching for Medicare 4 All, and they have called for a national day of rallies in support of HR676 Improved Medicare For All.

This group, is leading the way in getting all of us to persuade our congressional represrentatives to learn about how HR676 Improved Medicare For All provides affordable health care to all Americans, *** and American Territories, and to unregistered guests as well, *** and does that while still charging the tax payer less than our absurdly high insurance premiums.

How is this possible? The answer is fairly simple, and has two main parts. We will have teach-ins provided by members of the Hawaii Democratic Parties Health Committee, explaining

Part One:

How eliminating private health insurance saves hundreds of billions of dollars.

Part Two:

How HR676 repeals Medicare Part D. This truely horrific law, passed in 2003, is responsible for the unlimited drug price increases Big Pharma inflicts on the public.

There are many negative and false talking points which are repeated on our news channels. Preparing counter arguments for the common misconceptions makes you a better advocate!

For example, “how do you pay for it?” Simple. We stop paying one trillion dollars per year for 100% useless private health insurance company bureaucracy.

Please watch and read up on FAQ section on for a full education on how you can explain how this plan both lowers the cost of health care and covers all Americans and territories and undocumented guests.

At this event, we will pass out handy guides for promoting Medicare For All.

Senator Schatz has not made a public statement regarding Medicare For All. Senator Hirono has stated that “single payer is too hard.” Representative Hanabusa has concerns about how a federal health care law would affect Hawaii’s pre paid health care act.

All of us need to call his office and urge him to share his views on Medicare For all, in public. Call his office and express yourself. Walk over to his office anytime you like, and simply share your thoughts with his staff. Post on his FB pages, on his twitter, on his Redditt. He asks for input; provide yours!

We’ll gather at 3:00 pm at the main corner of Punchbowl and Ala Moana Blvd, sign wave, talk story, and enjoy some ‘teach ins,’ with a few special guest speakers TBA soon. Senator Josh Green is one of the confirmed speakers.

Rather than just waving signs, we should increase the quality of our message delivery.

Some thoughts on how to do that are:

1. Create Bold Message signs and wave with a smile. Some people will be using Tomb Stone signs
2. Rotating a group of a few people every 15 minutes, who walk up to the senator’s offices, and in a very respectful way, express the point of view that insurance companies stand between us and affordable health care, therefor both of our senator’s strong advocacy for the ACA needs to include their thoughts on Medicare For All, as well.
3. Other ways and means to amplify the point. Suggest below!
4. In anycase, we have four members in congress. Tulsi is the only one who supports HR676 Improved Medicare For All. Thank you, Tulsi!

We need to keep asking the other three to consider the many benefits of health care *** without health insurance. ***

Share your march ideas here!
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You are the leader we’ve been waiting for!

Please ask organizations that you are a member of to endorse this March. They can list their name in the comments, or email

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