Single-Payer or Bust

By providing a single tier of coverage to all, with automatic enrollment, comprehensive benefits, and no cost-sharing, single-payer provides a distinct, egalitarian vision of universality. By Adam Gaffney for Dissent Magazine In the 1960s, a struggle took place over the fate of healthcare in Canada. On one side, there were the proponents of the single-payer […]

Pelosi: ‘Medicare for All’ should be ‘evaluated’ if Dems win House

NOTE: It is a good sign that Nancy Pelosi’s rhetoric is changing. It shows that the political winds are blowing toward single payer. Pelosi is likely to face a challenge for the House Speaker position if the Democrats take the majority in the House this fall. Our tasks are to keep building momentum for National […]

Congresswoman Jayapal Introduces Bill that would Dismantle Medicare State by State

Note: Congresswoman Jayapal introduced a bill that would allow states to have their federal Medicare dollars for a state health care plan. It also has provisions to provide waivers for other federal health insurances and laws. Her intention is to facilitate states that are seeking to create a health care plan that is closer to […]

Is this the year the AMA finally joins the single-payer movement?

By Jonathan Michels, Robertha Barnes, and Sydney Russell Leed for STAT News Fifty years ago this month, at the 1968 meeting of the American Medical Association, a fourth-year medical student named Peter Schnall seized the microphone and scolded several hundred of the most prestigious, highly educated white men in America. “Organized medicine has never felt […]

Crowd rallies for Medicare for all in Hendersonville

By Rebecca Walter for Blue Ridge Now NOTE: This rally was organized by Kyra Moore, who participated in the April Single Payer Action Camp. Here’s a shout out to Kyra for all that she is doing in Western North Carolina to organize for National Improved Medicare for All – Great work, Kyra! – Margaret Flowers […]

Lee Mercer: Trump Must Make Conservative Case for Single Payer Healthcare

By Lee Mercer for Newsmax What do President Donald Trump, Germany’s Chancellor Bismarck, and the Kuomintang government of 1995 Taiwan all have in common? They all are the leaders of a conservative leaning government faced with competition from a rising progressive tide which some quick-footed deal making could head off at the pass. In the […]