The medical lobby is already peddling lies about Medicare-for-all

By Ryan Cooper for The Week Medicare-for-all is getting some real momentum behind it, with several more supporters winning congressional primaries on Tuesday night. The medical industry — drug companies, insurance companies, medical providers, and others — has thus been gearing up to preserve the fat profits they enjoy under the horrendous status quo. They’ve […]

Once Its Greatest Foes, Some Doctors Are Now Embracing Single-Payer

By Shefali Luthra for Kaiser Health News When the American Medical Association — one of the nation’s most powerful health care groups — met in Chicago this June, its medical student caucus seized an opportunity for change. Though they had tried for years to advance a resolution calling on the organization to drop its decades-long […]

Faith community must embrace single-payer health system

NOTE: This article calls for faith communities to advocate for a national single payer healthcare system. If you are part of a faith community, perhaps you can organize your community to hold educational events about single payer health care. If you need help getting started, contact us at By Fran Quigley for National Catholic […]