Sign On Letter to Congresswoman Jayapal

Sign On Letter to Congresswoman Jayapal

HR 676 – The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act – has been the gold standard for the single payer movement for the past 16 years. It was based on the Physicians Working Group Proposal of 2003 and would have created a healthcare system that was universal, public and comprehensive.

HR 676 is gone.

In its place, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal is drafting new legislation under the National Improved Medicare for All banner.

The text has not been released, but from those who have seen it and who have met with Jayapal’s staff, we have learned that there are at least a few serious flaws in the new bill.

Single payer supporters are being asked to organize events to celebrate the introduction of the new bill in February, but we must push to make the new bill stronger before we can celebrate.

We are urging Congresswoman Jayapal to protect the health of everyone by:

  1. Prohibiting for-profit providers and buying their facilities.
  2. Putting everyone into the new system at once.
  3. Permitting the participation of all people in the United States.

Add your voice now by signing on to this letter urging her to strengthen the bill before it is finalized.


The sign on is closed. The letter has been sent.

If you missed the opportunity to sign the letter, you can still call Congresswoman Jayapal’s office using this tool.

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