Under Medicare for All, You Will Never Lose Your Health Insurance Ever Again

Seventy percent of Americans oppose bosses being allowed to change or eliminate an employee’s health insurance. That’s our strongest case for Medicare for All — you’ll never lose your health insurance again. By Matt Bruenig for Jacobin Many centrist pundits have convinced themselves that Medicare for All (M4A) is unpopular because, when you include certain […]

CBO Health Panel Packed With Experts Tied to Anti-Medicare For All Groups

The 19-member panel that advises the Congressional Budget Office on health policy is flush with health insurance, pharmaceutical, and hospital interests. By Donald Shaw for Sludge One of the key steps in the federal legislative process occurs when the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), an agency in the legislative branch that studies the budgetary and economic […]

How to Approach Medicare for All Financing

By Matt Bruenig for People’s Policy Project One of the big impediments to putting out a plan for financing Medicare for All is not so much that it is very difficult to come up with one, but rather that there are so many ways to do it that it is hard for any one particular […]

Pramila Jayapal Takes On Medicare for All’s Critics

The Progressive Caucus co-chair authored the House Medicare for All bill. She’s frustrated that Democrats are attacking the concept of universal health care for political advantage. By David Dayen for The American Prospect “I wrote the damn bill,” Bernie Sanders frequently says. But on Medicare for All, he’s not the only one. Pramila Jayapal, a […]