A biased algorithm is delaying healthcare for black people in the US

By Jessica Hamzelou for New Scientist Black people in the US may be missing out on healthcare because a widely used algorithm is racially biased. The proportion of black people referred for extra care would more than double if the bias were removed, according to new research. Algorithms are fast becoming a key part of […]

3 ways ‘Medicare for All’ could benefit CV research

By Anicka Slachta for Cardiovascular Business The notion of a single-payer health system has been central to the 2020 presidential election, dominating much of the news cycle in recent months. According to an editorial published Nov. 4, that could be a good thing for physicians.  Clinicians, administrators, payors and patients all know the U.S. is […]

The Medicare for All debate is distorted

By Bob Herman for Axios Don Berwick, a physician and former head of Medicare and Medicaid during the Obama administration, wants the country to have a “rational” debate about “Medicare for All” — but says that will require a more rigorous comparison to the status quo. What he’s saying: This interview has been edited for […]

Elizabeth Warren Is Jeopardizing Our Fight for Medicare for All

Whatever her intentions, Elizabeth Warren’s plan to finance Medicare for All has made winning single-payer far more complicated than it should be — and jeopardized a wildly popular policy that should be a political slam dunk in the process. By Tim Higginbotham for Jacobin The question of how to pay for Medicare for All has […]