About Us

Who we are:

We are individuals, members and current or past leaders of organizations that are working to achieve a national improved Medicare for All healthcare system. We are joining together as individual people to work strategically to win this struggle.

Here is a list of steering committee members (acting as individuals, not representing an organization)

Vanessa Beck, MSW

Richard Bruno, MD, MPH

Jody Coss, RN

Cathy C. Courtney, MPH

Margaret Flowers, MD

Leigh Haynes, JD, MPH

Sumitra Joy

Paula Kahn

Ed Klein

Ethel Long-Scott

Nancy Mancias

Richard Master

David McLanahan, MD

Russell Mokhiber

Bill Moyer

Eric Naumburg, MD

Carol Paris, MD

George Pauk, MD

Roona Ray, MD, MPH

Julia E. Robinson, MSW, MPH

Anne Scheetz, MD

Lee Stanfield

Bruce Trigg, MD

Andrea Witte

Robert Zarr, MD

Kevin Zeese, JD

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