Single Payer Is Actually a Huge Bargain

By Drs. Steffie Woolhandler, David U. Himmelstein and Adam Gaffney, The Nation. It would save both dollars and lives compared to our current system. Last

New Threat To Immigrants’ Health

By Don McCanne, M.D., Numerous studies have shown that immigrants pay more into our health care financing systems, both public and private, than they

Growing Trend For Bankruptcy For Seniors

By Don McCanne, M.D., The social safety net for older Americans built up during the last century is now showing alarming trends toward shifting

It is time for Medicare for all

By Maureen Dion-Perry in Letters to the Editor of Mountain Democrat We cannot fix our broken health care system with more tweaks. Premiums, co-pays and

The No-Brainer Case for Universal Long-Term Care

By Joel Dodge for People’s Policy Project Progressives have increasingly coalesced around a single-payer Medicare-for-All system as the goal for American healthcare. There is one