The Sickness of American Healthcare

By Yves Smith for Naked Capitalism. Above photo: UPS aircraft maintenance workers and family members from Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas and Louisville protest outside a UPS store in

The Push for a Medicare for All Plan

By Dennis Bernstein for Consortium News. Above photo: Russell Mokhiber outside the US Supreme Court. Sen. Bernie Sanders has unveiled a new single-payer healthcare plan

Single Payer Is on the National Agenda

By Ben Palmquist for In These Times. Above photo: Put People First! Pennsylvania rallies on November 3, 2016 in Philadelphia, Penn. (Courtesy of Put People First!

Revolutionary Medicine: The Change We Need

By Mike Pappas for TruthDig. Above photo: TPP protest in front of the White House. Medical students protest the impact of trade agreements on access

Everybody Wins With Single Payer

By Berry Craig for the Kentucky AFL-CIO. EDITOR’S NOTE: More than 600 labor organizations, including the Kentucky State AFL-CIO, have endorsed HR 676.  AFT Local 1360 Kay