Implementing Single Payer is Not Rocket Science

By Dr. Ida Hellander for Health Over Profit. Above photo: Canadian Medical Association. Under Premier Tommy Douglas (“the father of Canadian medicare”), Saskatchewan establishes an insurance

Liberals Strike Back Against Single Payer

By Michael Lighty for Common Dreams. Photo: Molly Adams/flickr/cc In the name of political reality, some liberal pundits, politicians and policy wonks are scolding progressives to give

Democratic Senators Chose Party Over People

By Margaret Flowers for Health Over Profit. Senate Democrats, led by Senator Bernie Sanders, failed the test this week during the healthcare debate when they

Civil Disobedience Helped Kill Trumpcare

By Michael Corcoran for TruthOut. Above photo from Haaretz. NOTE: HOPE is focused on winning National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA). Naturally, we oppose the

The Case Against the Public Option

By Dr. Adam Gaffney for Jacobin Magazine. Photo: A doctor examines a patient at a Bay Pines, FL hospital in 1967. Chris Warren / Flickr We