Educate the public

There are many ways to reach the public with your message about National Improved Medicare for All and the HOPE campaign.

Hold a teach-in at a local gathering spot, library, church or community organization. Invite a speaker. Physicians for a National Health Program has a speakers bureau. Click here for more information.

Show a film and follow that with a discussion. Here are some recommended movies:

Off the Table – A film for labor

Off the Table. The Case for HR 676 from johnricefilms on Vimeo.

The Healthcare Movie

Now is the Time

Fix It

Fix It Healthcare movie trailer from Thomas Marko on Vimeo.

Make sure that you have a sign-in sheet for people who attend so that you can keep in touch with them for future meetings and events. Download a sign-in sheet here:

Hold a post card and letter writing event. Click here for simple instructions for reaching your members of Congress through snail mail.

Leafleting is a great way to reach a lot of people in a short period of time. Attend events where people are gathered such as a farmer’s market or stand outside a highly-trafficked area such as a train station and hand out informative leaflets. Here is a sample leaflet:

Visibility actions are another way to reach a lot of people. Find a highway overpass that has a sidewalk and hold a deer net banner (click here for simple instructions to make one) during a high traffic time. Deer net banners are safer than hanging a banner over the edge, Or find a safe median and hold signs there or a large banner during a high traffic time. Keep your message simple so that drivers can read it.

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