HOPE Locals

Here is a list of HOPE locals and affiliated groups by state:


Health Care for All – Los Angeles. Based in Culver City. Contact
healthcare4all@hotmail.com for more information.

Health Care for All – Napa Valley. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. Visit the website for more information.

Medicare for All Santa Cruz.

Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition. Visit the Facebook Page.


Healthcare for All Hawaii. Contact singlepayerhawaii@gmail.com for more information and visit http://www.ourrevolutionhawaii.org/ to find out when meetings and events are being held.


Southern Illinois People for Progress. This group is based in Edwardsville. Visit the Facebook Page.

HOPE in the Midwest.

Medicare for All – Northern Illinois.


Northwest Indiana Medicare for All. Meets monthly. Visit their Facebook Page or contact nwimedicare4all@gmail.com for more information.


Healthcare is a Human Right – Maryland. Chapters throughout the state. Visit www.HCHRMD.org for details and contact Brittany@hchrmd.org for more information.


Medicare for All – Michigan.


New Jersey Universal Health Care. Statewide.Visit their website at UniversalHealthcareNJ.org.


Healthcare for All Y’all. Based in Hillsborough. Meetings are every other week on Thursday.  Remote attendance is always an option via Google Hangouts.  Here is our info.  Public events will be on Facebook, website, and in weekly actions.  For joining the group, email healthcare4rallyall@gmail.com or call or text 919-622-3329. The website is www.healthcareforallyall.org/ and here is the Facebook Page.

People for Healthcare for Everyone. Meets on the third Sunday of the month at the Hendersonville Food Co-op Community Room, 60 S. Charleston Lane, Hendersonville, NC. Contact Chris Berg at
864-414-4113 and visit their Facebook Page to see upcoming events.


Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare. Based in Pittsburgh since 2006. Follow them on Facebook and online at http://wpasinglepayer.org/


Healthcare for All Texas


Eastern Panhandle Single Payer Action Network. Contact MedicareForAll@EPSPAN.org. Visit the website at www.EPSPAN.org and the Facebook Page for more information.

If there isn’t a group near you, check out this resource guide for starting a local group and/or contact us for assistance at info@healthoverprofit.org.

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