National Week of Action: Our Health is NOT for Sale!

April 7, 2017, is the international day of action against the privatization of health care. “Our Health is not for Sale!” is being organized by the People’s Health Movement, a global grassroots movement that advocates for “Health for All.”

Health Over Profit for Everyone is joining “Our Health is not for Sale” and encourages you to join our National Call-in and Write-in Week from April 3 to 7 to tell Congress to take action now for National Improved Medicare for All.

Click here for the call-in tool.

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See the list of actions at the bottom of the page.

We also urge you to organize a local action around the date of April 7. It could take place before or after. Members of Congress will start their recess and will be home in their local districts starting the afternoon of April 7.

You might want to use Dr. Paris’ “PISD – Privatization-Induced Stress Disorder” (pronounced “Pissed”) in your action. There is a growing epidemic of PISD in the United States. Fortunately, there is a cure: National Improved Medicare for All. Click here for information about PISD.

Ideas for actions:

Organize a public awareness and political action event. Set up a table in a public space with literature and post cards addressed to your local member of Congress that people can fill out. Be creative. If you are a health professional, you can have a sign that says “The __________ is in” (doctor, nurse, psychologist, etc). Click here for more information on organizing a post card and letter event.

Organize a local teach-in or movie night followed by a discussion. Visit to find a local speaker. We suggest “The Healthcare Movie,” “Now is the Time” and “Fix It” as excellent movies.

Organize a healthcare speak out or town hall. These are events where people can share their stories. You can invite your members of Congress to attend and listen. Click here for information on how to organize these.

Organize a rally and/or march. Invite local groups to speak about why they support National Improve Medicare for All. Consider marching to your member of Congress’ office to deliver your message or a local health profiteer to bring a message that putting profits over health is wrong.

Organize a visit to your member of Congress’ office. Encourage your member of Congress to co-sponsor HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act. If they are already a co-sponsor, meet with them to ask them to be more active on the issue – speaking out about it in public, writing op-eds, encouraging other members of the state delegation to co-sponsor HR 676. Meet with your senator to educate them about National Improved Medicare for All.

Spread the word about your action!

Once you have a date and action chosen, post it on the Action Map so we can spread the word. Click here for the Action Map.

Make a Facebook page and start inviting people. If you need us to make a Facebook page for you, let us know and we will. Contact us at

Tweet about your event before, during and after. The common hashtag is #health4all.

Send a press release to your local media and follow up with a phone call.

Materials for your action:

Sample flyer: UfSP 2-side flyer 4.17

PISD graphic:

Sample ‘Prescription’:

One-pager about National Improved Medicare for All: HR676 one pager

One-pager about the financing of National Improved Medicare for All: Financing National Improved Medicare for All in the United States

Chart that compares the HR676, ACA and AHCA: ComparisonChart

Sample press release:

Other graphics for social media:



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