Medicare for All School: Short topics on health policy

These short topics come from the Single Payer Educators project. Each week, HOPE Single Payer Educators send an email to their member of Congress’ health staffer to teach them single payer health policy. Click here for more information if you are interested in becoming a Single Payer Educator.

The Conservative Solution to the Healthcare Crisis

Single Payer Would Simplify Our Healthcare System

‘Young Invincibles’ and Risk Pools

Business Support for Single Payer Health Care

The Cost of Health Care in the United States

New Study on State of Health Outcomes

“Skin in the Game” is Harmful to Patients

Lack of Health Insurance Increases Risk of Dying

Medicare’s Legacy

Can We Subsidize Our Way to Universal Coverage?

A Growing Problem for Medicare

Getting Less Health Care for More Money

The Uninsured are on the Rise

Five Myths About Single Payer

Medical Bankruptcies Continue to Grow

Rationing Health Care

Being Poor in Canada

Is Private More Efficient Than Public?

The System is Driving This Healthcare Crisis

Right Diagnosis, Wrong Prescription

Restoring Faith in our Healthcare System