State Healthcare Efforts

We are often asked about state healthcare reform efforts. While we support state efforts to try to achieve universal healthcare coverage, we recognize that a true single payer system can only be achieved at the national level. This is why the HOPE campaign is focused on National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA).

HOPE believes that every person in the United States must have health care no matter where they are in the country and its territories. We believe that universal coverage should not be limited to those states with the resources and political will to achieve it. We believe that winning NIMA will require a united effort focused on members of Congress.

Below you will find resources to help you understand barriers to single payer at the state level.

State Universal Healthcare System Handout: State UHS Handout

California faces Reality: States cannot do single payer without federal government by Kevin Zeese

Which Way to National Improved Medicare for All? by Margaret Flowers

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Single Payer Health Care: What will it take to Pass it? by Lee Stanfield

This One Unbelievably Expensive Iowa Patient makes the Case for Single Payer Healthcare by Michael Hitzik

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