What Medicare for All Really Looks Like

The Canadian system, also called Medicare, guarantees coverage to every resident north of the U.S. border. By Caitlin Kelly for The American Prospect He spends long days navigating Toronto’s miserable traffic, finding whatever’s needed for his work as a freelance production designer for film and commercials. It’s demanding physical labor, with injury a daily possibility. […]

Letter to the editor: Canada’s single-payer system works

By Hillary Barter in Press Herald In his letter to the editor May 2, Don Vose of Naples argued that a single-payer health care system would not serve us well, referring in part to Canadians “forgoing” their single-payer system. This may be a commonly held view, but it is not accurate. A poll by Nanos […]

500 Canadian Doctors Protest Pay Raise Because They Already Make Too Much Money

Note: This article reminds us that our work is never done. No system is perfect. Efforts to improve a system, as these doctors and students are doing in Canada will always be required.  National Improved Medicare for All is a first step in the United States toward solving our healthcare crisis because it provides a […]