UnitedHealth stock paces Dow losers, as blow from ‘Medicare for all’ bill leaves a mark

Don’t expect a snap-back rally in the stocks even though M4A has ‘no chance’ of passing, says JPMorgan analyst By Tomi Kilgore for Market Watch The sharp selloff in managed-care stocks continued Monday, in the aftermath of the “Medicare-for-All” bill introduced last week, with UnitedHealth Group Inc. shares leading the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s losers […]

Your Health Care is a Business Opportunity?

Published on Circleville Herald The floodlight lit Cleveland Clinic at night towered over Cleveland’s dirt poor east side like an Egyptian pyramid. As a paramedic on those desperate streets I could see the plush helicopters chauffeuring the Arab oil sheiks in for their cardiac bypass grafts. Some say this is proof America has the best […]

Removing investor-owned hospitals is not a bail out– it’s the right thing to do.

By Kay Tillow for HOPE Rep. Pramila Jayapal has been re-writing HR 676, the model improved Medicare for all legislation that has united and advanced a growing single payer movement since it was introduced into Congress in 2003.  HR 676 is evidence-based and written to enact the Physicians Proposal for a National Health Program.   […]

Insurance companies are supposed to be heartless. That’s why we need single-payer

Letters to the Editor in the Los Angeles Times To the editor: Michael Kinsley is arguably correct when he writes regarding the denial of coverage for people with preexisting conditions: “The insurance companies are not behaving like heartless monsters. They are behaving like insurance companies.” Well, they may or may not be monsters, but insurance […]

Practicing Medicine While Black

By Kip Sullivan, JD for The Health Care Blog The managed care movement thrives on misleading words and phrases. Perhaps the worst example is the incessant use of the word “quality” to characterize a problem that has multiple causes, only one of which might be inferior physician or hospital quality. [1] To illustrate with a […]

Your Turn: A cost-effective alternative for U.S. healthcare

By Ken Lefkowitz for Courier Post If someone paid $1,000 for a service they could purchase elsewhere for $512, you’d think they were quite foolish. Yet, that’s the situation facing healthcare in America today. Our current system for financing healthcare has been ineffective in controlling costs or providing the highest-level quality care. In 2016, the […]

Reporting on Medicare for All Makes Media Forget How Math Works

By Justin Anderson for FAIR “Medicare for All,” a federally funded universal healthcare plan championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont–Ind.), has quickly become a key issue for progressive voters evaluating Democratic Party candidates for the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential race. The plan would provide coverage for the 40 million currently uninsured in […]

Letter: Single-payer health care is a national need

Letter to the Editor by Quinn Golden in Concord Monitor Our for-profit health care system is a national embarrassment. In health care, the same level of care should be provided to everyone regardless of income, social status, race, etc. Our current system of health care is not equitable. It is clear that our economically disadvantaged […]

Louisiana to warn thousands of elderly, disabled they may lose Medicaid

By Avery Anapol for The Hill Louisiana is reportedly set to tell tens of thousands of elderly and disabled residents this week that they may lose Medicaid benefits in the coming months. The state Health Department is preparing to notify 37,000 people that due to state budget cuts eliminating four Medicaid programs, they could lose their […]