‘How we will win this fight’: Economist touts single-payer health plan in Louisville visit

By Deborah Yetter for Louisville Courier Journal “Things are getting worse.” That’s the message Harvard-trained economist Gerald Friedman delivered to an audience of University of Louisville medical students Wednesday — speaking in terms of health and life expectancy in the United States. But it doesn’t have to be that way, Friedman said, speaking at one of […]

Public option plans won’t fix American healthcare system

By Daniel Bryant for Bangor Daily News Public option health plans have been much in the news of late. Defined as health care coverage plans offered to individuals by the government and paid for by premiums and tax-funded government subsidies and credits, they are designed as alternatives to single-payer plans, which would replace our present […]

Guest commentary: Single-payer health care likely less disruptive, better for economy

By Dr. George Bohmfalk for The Aspen Times Many people fear that moving abruptly to a single-payer system, as in expanding and improving Medicare to cover everyone, would be disruptive and might wreck the economy. I believe that the only areas that may face any disruption would be the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. There is […]

Single-payer: Healthcare 10 times better than you ever dreamed of

By Chris Graham for Augusta Free Press I’m not here to give you chapter, verse and footnotes on single-payer, why we need to join the rest of the industrialized world in making access to healthcare a basic human right. You don’t need the data to tell you what’s right. If you’re of the mindset that […]