Medicare For All Would Result In Net Increase Of New Jobs, Report Says

By Eric Galatas for Longmont Observer DENVER — New research from the Economic Policy Institute shows that switching to a single-payer health system would boost the overall economy, make it easier for workers to switch jobs or start businesses, and create a net surplus of new jobs. Josh Bivens, the institute’s research director, said wages likely would […]

‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Chance To Live’

By Popular Resistance HOPE NOTE: Millions of people in the US are going without healthcare because they are uninsured or denied coverage or can’t afford the out of pocket costs. This one is personal for us. We have known and worked with Phil since he joined the campaign to stop the TransPacific Partnership in 2012. […]

Insurance Companies Are Spending Millions on Attack Ads Against Medicare for All

By Alan Macleod for Mint Press News Healthcare corporations are spending millions of dollars on astroturfed attack ads against Medicare for All. The Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future, for example, a coalition of hospitals and insurance companies, has spent $1 million on a television campaign against changes to the current healthcare system they profit from. […]

Elizabeth Warren Is Jeopardizing Our Fight for Medicare for All

Whatever her intentions, Elizabeth Warren’s plan to finance Medicare for All has made winning single-payer far more complicated than it should be — and jeopardized a wildly popular policy that should be a political slam dunk in the process. By Tim Higginbotham for Jacobin The question of how to pay for Medicare for All has […]

Almost 2 Million More Americans Uninsured in 2018, U.S. Says

By John Tozzi for Bloomberg The number of Americans without health insurance increased by almost 2 million people in 2018, according to new data released by the U.S. Census Bureau Tuesday. The increase in the rate of uninsured, from 7.9% in 2017 to 8.5% last year, is particularly remarkable given the falling unemployment rate during […]

UnitedHealth’s political and financial heft just keeps growing

By Bob Herman for Axios UnitedHealth Group’s stock fell 2.3% yesterday even though the company continues to print money and raised its profit projections for the rest of the year. The big picture: Wall Street is quibbling over the “quality” of UnitedHealth’s earnings beat, but that doesn’t really matter. UnitedHealth remains the most financially powerful […]

Are You Sure You Actually ‘Like’ Your Private Health Insurance?

In 2018, as millions of Americans borrowed $88 billion to pay for health care, 62 CEOs of health care companies made a combined total of $1.1 billion in compensation By Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram for Portside When I talk to friends, family, and colleagues about Medicare for All, sometimes someone asks, “but don’t people like […]

The Nightmare of Medical Care in America

To be sick and not rich By Beverly Gologorsky for Common Dreams On this extremely hot summer day, the ear-splitting siren screaming through New York’s streets is coming from the ambulance I’m in — on a gurney on my way to the ER. That only makes the siren, loud as it is, all the more […]

What Does ‘Medicare for All’ Really Mean?

NOTE: At the end, the author raises concerns about reimbursement rates. The proposed Medicare for All system would allow physicians to negotiate with the system for reimbursement. And, it would significantly reduce what physicians are currently spending on billing as well as the headaches of dealing with so many different insurance plans and rules. If […]