House Democrats Schedule Hearing on HR1384 (#MedicareForAll) for This Tuesday, April 30

By Lambert Strether for Naked Capitalism Kudos to the Democrat-controlled House Rules Committee for scheduling a hearing on HR1384, the “Medicare for All Act of 2019.” (Here is the announcement; here are the witnesses). However, readers who suspect my rapture will be modified will not be disappointed. In this post, I won’t go into health […]

House Democrats plan to hold hearings on Medicare for All

By David Weigel for Washington Post The new Democratic majority in the House will hold the first hearings on Medicare-for-All legislation, a longtime goal of the party’s left, after Speaker Nancy Pelosi lent her support for the process. “It’s a huge step forward to have the speaker’s support,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), who will […]

Pelosi: ‘Medicare for All’ should be ‘evaluated’ if Dems win House

NOTE: It is a good sign that Nancy Pelosi’s rhetoric is changing. It shows that the political winds are blowing toward single payer. Pelosi is likely to face a challenge for the House Speaker position if the Democrats take the majority in the House this fall. Our tasks are to keep building momentum for National […]