Big Pharma shells out $20B each year to schmooze docs, $6B on drug ads

Persuading doctors and direct-to-consumer ads land 1-2 punch for knockout sales. By Beth Mole for Ars Technica Talk with your doctor… It’s a common refrain at the end of any drug advertisement or disease awareness campaign. Ostensibly, it seems like a responsible suggestion. Talking with your own trusted doctor can help determine if a new […]

Hospital Refuses Procedure, Prescribes ‘Fundraising Effort’ for Heart Transplant

By Jack Crosbie for Splinter News Here is an American story. Hedda Martin needs a heart transplant. She applied for a heart transplant. Shortly before Thanksgiving, the Spectrum Health Richard Devos Heart and Lung Transplant Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, got back to her to say that she could not have a heart transplant, because […]