How the Private Health-Care Industry Is Working to Kill Medicare for All

Americans across the political spectrum are longing for change in health care but are worried about what changes might mean. Industry lobbyists see that as their opening. By David M. Perry for Pacific Standard Here’s the good news when it comes to access to health care: Americans are ready for change. Every serious Democratic candidate […]

Why Doctors Are Warming to Medicare for All

Burnout, cynicism, and endless insurance red tape. As America’s private health care system crumbles, doctors are waking up to the need for Medicare for All. By Meagan Day for Jacobin According to a poll earlier this year in the New England Journal of Medicine, a majority of American physicians say that single-payer is the best […]

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare for All

By Brittany Shannahan for Healthcare Is A Human Right Maryland A new twitter campaign led by The Coalition for Medicare Choices promises to mobilize two million seniors to “preserve and strengthen” Medicare Advantage. But who is the Coalition for Medicare Choices? With Medicare Advantage now covering 33% of Medicare enrollees, what does the state of Medicare Advantage […]