Why Would A Union Oppose Medicare For All?

The Culinary Union’s stance on Medicare for All raises serious questions for the immigrant labor movement. It is in Labor’s interest to back M4A. By Rolando Jackson for Current Affairs The Culinary Workers Union of Nevada, UNITE HERE local 226, is the largest union in the state of Nevada. The union is frequently held up […]

Not Every Union Is Buying Into the Lies about Medicare for All

By Caitlin Cruz for Splinter News Several presidential candidates have cast Medicare for All as a blow to the labor movement because it would shift workers away from hard-won employer healthcare and into a government-run system. But not all unions are going along with the idea. This year, the Association of Flight Attendants was instrumental […]

Why Are These Labor Unions Opposing Medicare for All?

NOTE: This article points out that healthcare industry and business groups are using unions to oppose single payer. Union groups that do support single payer need to speak out and out-organize these industry-backed unions. We can expect this tactic to be used to subvert other single payer supporters and be ready to neutralize them. By […]