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National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) would create a national health insurance that covers every person living in the United States with comprehensive benefits from birth to death. It’s that simple. One set of rules. One pool of people. And one network of health professionals. This is the most efficient system.

Under NIMA, patients (not insurance company CEOs) choose where they go for care and patients and their health professionals decide what care is appropriate.

NIMA would be paid for up front through progressive taxes that would replace premiums, co-pays, deductibles and out of pocket costs. It would end the burden of having to decide whether one can afford care before seeking it. And it would end bankruptcies due to medical costs.

NIMA has three major proven cost controls that would slow the increase in health spending and make medications and services more affordable:

  1. Simplified administration – We spend a third of our healthcare dollar on administration. The US has the most bureaucratic health system in the world. One set of rules means that we can save at least half of what we are currently spending on paperwork, which is hundreds of billions of dollars that could be put towards direct patient care.
  2. Negotiating fair prices for pharmaceuticals and health care – We spend the most in the world for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. NIMA would create a single purchaser of health care, which would have the ability to negotiate for fair prices.
  3. Global operating budgets and separate capital budgets – We micromanage our health care by charging for every bandaid and aspirin. This takes nursing time away from patient care and requires a large billing staff. Under NIMA, hospitals and other health facilities would receive a monthly check to cover operating expenses. This means that nurses, physicians and other health professionals can spend more time focused on patient care and less time on paperwork.

Health Over Profit for Everyone supports HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act introduced by Rep. John Conyers.





Educational materials:

Flyer: UfSP 2-side flyer 4.17

One pager on HR 676: HR676 one pager

One pager on S 1804: Senate Medicare for All Factsheet

Chart comparing HR 676 and S 1804: HOUSE_SENATE_MFA_CHART_F

Weaknesses of S1804

Chart outlining the four-year transition to Medicare for All in S 1804: Chart of Transition for Senate Medicare for All Act

One pager for Health Legislative Assistants: Lobby Day One Pager FINAL

National study on financing National Improved Medicare for All: Funding HR 676_Friedman_7.31.13_proofed

One pager on financing and cost savings of HR 676: Financing National Improved Medicare for All in the United States

The Seven Conservative Values of Single Payer: Seven conservative values of sps

Finding the Common Ground: Speaking to Conservatives about Medicare for All: 170710 PRINT VERSION of Progressive Persuasions for HOPE call

Frequently Asked Questions on Why Medicare for All is good for business.

Medicare for All and Disparities in Disability Care.

Two-pager on the Public Option vs. Medicare for All: The Public Option vs Medicare for All

Comparison chart for ACA and Republican House and Senate bills

Summary of Congressional Briefing: Don’t Weaken Medicare – Strengthen It and Expand It to All

Power Point Presentation: Incrementalism As An Obstacle to Improved Medicare for All and How to Resist It

Medicare for All School: Short topics on health policy

The Conservative Solution to the Healthcare Crisis

Single Payer Would Simplify Our Healthcare System

‘Young Invincibles’ and Risk Pools

Business Support for Single Payer Health Care

The Cost of Health Care in the United States

New Study on State of Health Outcomes

“Skin in the Game” is Harmful to Patients

Lack of Health Insurance Increases Risk of Dying

Medicare’s Legacy

Can We Subsidize Our Way to Universal Coverage?

Graphic on HR 676:

Graphic that compares National Improved Medicare for All and the Affordable Care Act:

Graphic that compares NIMA, ACA and AHCA:

Download a pdf of the above chart here: ComparisonChart

Graphic that compares Medicare for All and the Public Option:

People’s Charter for Health (from the People’s Health Movement): phm-pch-english

Here is a powerpoint presentation on our current healthcare crisis, the Affordable Care Act and National Improved Medicare for All. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT.

Physicians for a National Health Program ( provides research and education about National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA)