was created to provide resources and tools in your activism for National Improved Medicare for All.

Getting started

Whether you are new to advocating for National Improved Medicare for All or a seasoned activist, find ideas here for how to plug in to the HOPE campaign.

Finding or starting a local group

Check out this list of local groups to find one near you. Don’t see one? Find resources for starting a group and contact us if you need help.

More About H.O.P.E.

Under the About Section, find information about who we are, our mission statement, how to sign up for the campaign as an individual or organization and how to contact us.

In the News Section, find information about our regular national education and organizing calls such as the schedule and recordings of past calls. Click here for information about the calls.

You will also find articles about National Improved Medicare for All and the current healthcare crisis in the News Section.

On the Actions Page, find links to our most current actions such as contacting members of Congress or writing letters to the editor. You will also find the national action map where you can find and post local meetings and actions.


Tools for Media – How to use print, radio and social media to spread the word about National Improved Medicare for All, as well as images you can download and use. Join the Media Mobilizer Team by filling out this survey. Media Mobilizers work together to amplify our message and respond quickly to news and misinformation.



Tools for Action – You’l find resources and information about actions you can take from holding educational events such as movie nights to engaging with your member of Congress. Become a Single Payer Educator by filling out this survey. Single Payer Educators communicate regularly with their Member of Congress’ health staffer to teach and update them about National Improved Medicare for All (don’t worry, we’ll help you do that).

Tools for Education – find links to information about the basics of National Improved Medicare for All, how to communicate with various constituencies about National Improved Medicare for All, about legislation in Congress and about state efforts. You’ll also find flyers and handouts to download and print.