Can We Subsidize Our Way to Universal Coverage?

A bi-partisan goal for healthcare reform is that all people have coverage. The question under debate is how to accomplish that: is it through insurance mandates with subsidies for those who can’t afford it, further de-regulating the health insurance market in the hope of incentivizing competition and lower costs or a publicly-financed universal health insurance. […]

A businessman makes the case for a single-payer health care system

By Richard Master of Business Leaders Transforming Health Care on PNHP. NOTE:  If you know business owners who might be interested, send them to You can also download this template and print business cards (one-sided or two-sided) to hand out to local businesses. Download the template here: BLTH The (Allentown, Pa.) Morning Call, August 1, […]

Implementing Single Payer is Not Rocket Science

By Dr. Ida Hellander for Health Over Profit. Above photo: Canadian Medical Association. Under Premier Tommy Douglas (“the father of Canadian medicare”), Saskatchewan establishes an insurance plan guaranteeing publicly funded hospital care for most residents of the province. Liberals have created a new single payer bogeyman to justify their renewed pursuit of failed incremental policies for […]