Why we need Single-Payer Medicare-for-All

By Dr. Jay D. Brock for Fredricksburg.com If you think America has the greatest health care system in the world, think again: $500 billion-plus is wasted each year in administrative, marketing, overhead, and profit costs, more than Germany, France, or Japan spend on their health care systems. 600,000 hardworking American families (most with health insurance) […]

AARP should support Medicare for All, not UnitedHealthcare

By Michael K. Broughton in St. Louis Post-Dispatch Why is the American Association of Retired Persons supporting a company that wants to keep its financial boot on the throats of AARP members? Universal health care for all Americans makes sense. A government program for all Americans would distribute the cost of claims to many, rather […]

Most American workers would have more money with socialized health care

By Tim Fernholz & Daniel Wolfe for Quartz Forget what Medicare for All will cost the government. What could it cost you? Many Democratic candidates for the White House are promoting some form of single-payer universal health care under the rubric of expanding Medicare, the US health insurance program for seniors. There’s a range of […]