Not Every Union Is Buying Into the Lies about Medicare for All

By Caitlin Cruz for Splinter News Several presidential candidates have cast Medicare for All as a blow to the labor movement because it would shift workers away from hard-won employer healthcare and into a government-run system. But not all unions are going along with the idea. This year, the Association of Flight Attendants was instrumental […]

Two med students make case for single-payer health care

By Scott Swartz and Bradley Heinz for San Francisco Chronicle The most difficult part of our first year of medical school wasn’t memorizing anatomy or mastering the patient interview, but seeing firsthand how broken our current health care system is. We pay twice as much as other wealthy nations for health care, but receive some […]

Medicare for all: fears and facts

By Drs. James G. Kahn and Elliot Marseille for The Hill Each candidate has their own way to fix what ails health insurance. Everyone claimed “Medicare” at the heart of their strategy. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) urged sweeping reform, while former Vice President Joe Biden and others advocated tinkering at […]