Medicare for All policy has become politics’ sticking point

A survey found 225 Democratic candidates in the House running explicitly on the single-payer healthcare policy By Jessica Glenza in The Guardian Pramila Jayapal is a first-term congresswoman from one of the most progressive districts in Washington state. As such, it might seem easy to dismiss the political action committee she started in September, called […]

New Video for Union members: “Off the Table: The Case for HR 676”

“Off The Table: The Case for HR 676” is a new video by western Pennsylvania film makers John Rice and Tony Buba. The film, made for showing at union meetings, examines the difference between U.S. and Canadian healthcare. (Link to film available below) In the U.S. healthcare benefits are under constant attack. In Canada, unions […]

Guest commentary: Single-payer health care likely less disruptive, better for economy

By Dr. George Bohmfalk for The Aspen Times Many people fear that moving abruptly to a single-payer system, as in expanding and improving Medicare to cover everyone, would be disruptive and might wreck the economy. I believe that the only areas that may face any disruption would be the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. There is […]

It is time for Medicare for all

By Maureen Dion-Perry in Letters to the Editor of Mountain Democrat We cannot fix our broken health care system with more tweaks. Premiums, co-pays and deductibles are too high. We can save a lot of money by negotiating drug prices and cutting out the high administrative costs of insurance companies. Contact your senators and representatives […]

Medicare for all would save billions in waste

By James Garb for Cape Cod Times Medicare celebrates its 53rd birthday this month. One of the two most popular government programs, along with Social Security, Medicare now enrolls 10,000 new Americans every day. Cutting across party affiliation, more than three-quarters of all Americans consider Medicare to be a “very important” program. Today universal health […]