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Big Pharma…Market Failure Premieres in New York City

The independently produced film ‘Big Pharma…Market Failure’ premiered at the Paley Center for Media in New York City on April 27. The film highlights the huge profits made by the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of sick Americans, and how the rising costs associated with healthcare and drug prices are making American businesses less competitive. Over 100 guests attended the premiere, which was followed by a panel discussion featuring the film’s executive producer Richard Master, ASBC CEO David Levine, New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, former Federal Trade Commission policy director David Balto, and Physicians for a National Health Program spokesman Dr. Ed Weisbart.

The premiere also celebrated the launch of ASBC’s newest campaign, Business Leaders Transforming Healthcare (BLTH). BLTH is a nationwide campaign of business leaders calling for the development of a single-payer system in the US. A publicly financed system, similar to those used in most industrialized countries, is the only way to curb the rising costs associated with our current health care system. Businesses need a simpler, more affordable system that allows them to focus on their core services, rather than endless paperwork. Add your business voice to the campaign by signing our action letter.

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