Medicare’s 52nd anniversary takes place on July 30, at the beginning of the August Congressional Recess. Health care is going to be a hot topic during the recess whether or not the Senate passes a version of the American Health Care Act, which would still have a number of hurdles to overcome before it passes.

Let’s use Medicare’s birthday and the August Recess to advance the work for National Improved Medicare for All.

Here is the challenge: 52 events for Medicare’s 52nd birthday!

No matter where you are or what your Member of Congress’ level of support for National Improved Medicare for All, there is something for you to do. We urge you to organize an event, post it on the Action Map and we will provide resources to help you. Check out the various Tools pages for information and ideas. Contact us at if you need anything.

If your Member of Congress is a co-sponsor of HR 676, ask them to become a more active supporter:

Click here to see if your MoC is one of the few who has information about their support for HR 676 or single payer on their official website. If they haven’t, ask them why not and offer to help

Ask your HR 676-co-sponsoring MoC to show their support by posting a statement of support for National Improved Medicare for All on their website, writing an OpEd in their local newspaper, speaking about it to the media, holding a Town Hall event on it and/or making a one minute statement of support on the floor of the House of Representatives before the August Recess.

If your Member of Congress is not a co-sponsor of HR 676, ask them to be a co-sponsor:

Click here to see if your Member of Congress is a co-sponsor of HR 676. If they are not, organize an event to either encourage them to show their support for Medicare (and use it to let them know that everyone deserves Medicare) or organize to ask them to co-sponsor HR 676, or a Senate version of it.

There are a number of actions that you might want to consider.

  • Collect hand written post cards and letters urging them to support National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) and deliver them to the local office the week of Medicare’s birthday, bring a sign showing support for Medicare/NIMA and ask your member to pose for a photo with it and the cake.
  • Organize a meeting with your MoC and bring others from the community to speak about their support for NIMA.
  • Hold a rally outside their local office if you can’t get a meeting.
  • Attend their public events and urge them to support NIMA.
  • Reach your MoC through social media – such as Facebook and Twitter – and urge them to support NIMA.

Building local support for National Improved Medicare for All:

Perhaps you live in an area of the country that doesn’t have a base of support for NIMA yet. Don’t be discouraged, there is time to build one.

Here are some actions for you to consider.

  • Hold a movie night and discussion. There are several excellent movies. Check out the Tools for Action page for more information.
  • Hold a Health Care Speak Out. Invite people to come and tell their health care stories and provide literature about NIMA.
  • Do a visibility event. Go to a heavily trafficked area and hold signs of support for NIMA. Hand out flyers about it.
  • Hold a house party and invite people you know who are supportive of NIMA to start talking about what you can do together to organize more support in your community. Make a Facebook event page and invite your friends.

There is something that each of us can do to advance the struggle for National Improved Medicare for All. We’re here to help you. Reach out to us at if you are interested in doing something in your community.


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