This campaign was designed by Medicare for All supporter Marcia Everett in North Carolina.


Ask  everyone to put up signs that say HR676 – NIMA.  Begin on your own front door, then on your vehicle, and then around your town. Don’t forget to ask your local home-town businesses, churches, and social organizations to join you in this campaign.

We made graphics for the sign (pictured below). They are designed to be 18 by 24 inches. The file is too large to upload on this site, but if you want a copy, email to ask for one.







OR you can download these images and print them:


Once upon a time curtains were called window treatments.  Playing on the pun of “treatment” needed for our sick healthcare system, let’s make OUR WINDOWS well!! Put a VERY VISIBLE HR 676 – NIMA  on a placard in your home and auto windows. You can put a sign EVERYWHERE that you can put up a POLITICAL CANDIDATE POSTER.

The idea is to get people to begin asking about these signs. When the local news starts explaining, we will know we have made an impact!


Nationalized Non-Profit Healthcare is LONG OVERDUE. We have Medicare in our country for the elderly and disabled.  This program is federally funded.  This program is very useful, though in need of improvement to get rid of the need for supplemental insurance, premiums, and co-pays.  Many in government are trying to destroy or privatize Medicare and Medicaid.

We currently pay more in this country to provide healthcare than any other first world country.  We are intelligent people who can surely figure out how to fund a National Improved Medicare for All in order to provide ALL of our citizens with medical, dental, and mental health care that we can all afford.  Other countries around the world afford their citizens healthcare as a human right, and it is time we figure out how to provide for our citizens.  Even those who do not believe it is a human right would be hard pressed say that it is not a HUMAN NEED!  It is also vital to producing a vital work and economic force that can compete in today’s world economy and is vital to our national security.

We must demand NATIONAL IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL (NIMA).  John Conyers introduced HR676  every session of Congress since 2003 . It would be very helpful for the Senate to introduce the same wording for THEIR bill, and we need to get both passed.

YOUR participation in the WINDOW TREATMENT CAMPAIGN would be an important aid in obtaining the above objectives. 

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  1. From all I know about Medicare for All, single payer, universal health care, it is criminal to ignore and lie about them. It is the best for all, cheaper and possible, yet it is ignored and not put up for debate. This is negligence of the worse kind by supposed leadership.

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