Don’t Privatize the VA, It’s a Model Healthcare System

By Right to Heal. Veterans Groups and Advocates Sound the Alarm and Demand that Rear Adm. Jackson State Publicly that the Trump Administration Will Not Seek to Privatize the VA and Work to Dismantle Healthcare for Veterans and Families (March 30, 2018, Chicago) – President Donald Trump just fired VA Secretary David Shulkin and replaced him with […]

Our multi-payer system of health care isn’t working

By Jay Brock, Washington Post. Above photo: A man looks over the Affordable Care Act sign-up page on the website in New York in 2013. (Mike Segar/Reuters) Regarding the March 23 editorial “Maryland’s ingenious plan to fix Obamacare”: Under our current multiple-payer system of health care, we have two major problems: Too many people have […]