By White Coats for Black Lives.

The Racial Justice Report Card (RJRC) consists of 15 metrics that evaluate an academic center’s curriculum and climate, student and faculty diversity, policing, racial integration of clinical care sites, treatment of workers, and research protocols. For our inaugural report, ten medical institutions were evaluated based on student/chapter interest in the report card and national prominence of the school as measured by NIH funding.

In recent years, URM faculty, administrators, and students have spearheaded efforts to recruit diverse student bodies. The RJRC hopes to galvanize support for the institutional changes required to create an environment in which URM students and their patients can thrive.

Ultimately, the RJRC seeks to encourage academic medical centers to take seriously their responsibility to fight racism in medicine. The report card is not exhaustive. We hope, however, that it will serve as a springboard for evaluating and enacting anti-racist medical education and care. WC4BL also hopes that prospective and current students, faculty, staff, and health organizations can utilize the RJRC to galvanize action and change at these medical schools and academic medical centers.

View the full report: WC4BL Racial Justice Report Card — 2018 Full Report


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