Single-Payer System Is the Solution for Mental Health Care, Panelists Say

By Kelly Davio for The American Journal of Managed Care In a discussion during the American Psychiatric Association 2018 Annual Meeting, held in New York, New York, a panel of psychiatrists argued that private insurance is failing patients with mental health disorders, and that a single-payer system would provide better access and better care for […]

Letter to the editor: Canada’s single-payer system works

By Hillary Barter in Press Herald In his letter to the editor May 2, Don Vose of Naples argued that a single-payer health care system would not serve us well, referring in part to Canadians “forgoing” their single-payer system. This may be a commonly held view, but it is not accurate. A poll by Nanos […]

Single-payer: Healthcare 10 times better than you ever dreamed of

By Chris Graham for Augusta Free Press I’m not here to give you chapter, verse and footnotes on single-payer, why we need to join the rest of the industrialized world in making access to healthcare a basic human right. You don’t need the data to tell you what’s right. If you’re of the mindset that […]

Louisiana to warn thousands of elderly, disabled they may lose Medicaid

By Avery Anapol for The Hill Louisiana is reportedly set to tell tens of thousands of elderly and disabled residents this week that they may lose Medicaid benefits in the coming months. The state Health Department is preparing to notify 37,000 people that due to state budget cuts eliminating four Medicaid programs, they could lose their […]

Patients Protest MedStar for Terminating Their Doctor Without Cause

By Bill Hughes, Baltimore Post Examiner. A spirited protest action was held at MedStar’s Union Memorial Hospital on Thursday morning, May 10, 2018. The hospital is located at 3333 N. Calvert Street, at 33rd Street & University Parkway, in Baltimore. About 40 activists showed up for the rally/press conference, which was sourced by the Maryland branch […]