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NOTE: This rally was organized by Kyra Moore, who participated in the April Single Payer Action Camp. Here’s a shout out to Kyra for all that she is doing in Western North Carolina to organize for National Improved Medicare for All – Great work, Kyra! – Margaret Flowers

More than 50 demonstrators gathered in front of the Historic Courthouse in Hendersonville Tuesday for a “Medicare for All” rally, demanding improved health care.

The event was sponsored by Progressive Organized Women, People for Healthcare for Everyone and Healthcare for All WNC. During the rally, several drivers honked in support.

Luule Vess of Brevard has volunteered for years with Medicare for All. She aims to educate the public and raise awareness about Medicare.

“I am a strong advocate for single-payer health care for everyone. Let’s cut out the middle man and the corporate wealth,” she said. “Everyone in and nobody out; I am a firm believer in that. I may not live to see it, but somebody will.”

Several rally attendees took turns sharing stories about how high medical costs have impacted them.

Norm Bossert, Democratic candidate for state Senate in the 48th district, told the crowd how high co-pays and medical bills have touched his family.

“I for one think it is time for these co-pays to go, and we can make that happen with Medicare for all,” Bossert said. “I am ready for Medicare for all now. Not in a month, not in a week, not in 10 years. It is good for business. It is good for human beings. It is time to stop focusing on health insurance and focus on health care. That’s what people need.”

Sam Edney, Democratic candidate for N.C. House 113, also spoke of how high insurance and medical costs have hit him and his family hard, particularly when he had to get a liver transplant.

He said people should not have to suffer consequences to receive medical care, especially when it saves their lives.

“This is America,” he said. “We can do better than that.”

Bob Carson, member of the Western North Carolina Green Party, described the health care situation in this country as “miserable.”

“We are here to let people know there is a way out of this mess,” Carson said. “Too many can’t get health care. They can’t afford it. Even when they have health care, they can’t afford it. We need to rectify the situation.”

Tuesday’s rally corresponded with the Poor People’s Campaign, which has hosted events all over the country, including one Monday in Raleigh.

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