Trump Administration Moves Forward on VA Privatization

By Suzanne Gordon for The American Prospect Under the guise of reducing veteran suicides, the Trump administration has released a plan that could radically reshape veteran care in the United States. The stated goal is to expand mental health services for newly transitioned veterans, the proposal, which administration officials approved on May 31, contains provisions that could […]

How Big Medicine Can Ruin Medicare for All

A single-payer system will degenerate into corporate welfare unless we take on health care monopolies. By Phillip Longman for Washington Monthly Many of us still remember the moment during the debate over the Affordable Care Act when a powerful Democratic senator not only blocked supporters of single-payer health care from testifying before his committee, but […]

Injured Woman Begs Bystanders Not to Call Ambulance

By Julie Conley, Commondreams. Above photo: Bystanders helped a woman whose leg became trapped between a subway car and platform in Boston last Friday. (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority surveillance footage) ‘I Can’t Afford That’: Trapped and Injured by Subway Car, Woman Begged Bystanders Not to Call Ambulance Due to Expense As Americans across the country celebrate […]

Hospitals are running out of medicines in the United States

By Katie Thomas, New York Times. Above photo: George Vander Linde checked for morphine from a dispenser at Norwegian American. CreditAlyssa Schukar for The New York Times NOTE: I have heard the United States’ healthcare system described as third world. Some of our health outcomes such as infant mortality and life expectancy, particularly in poor black and […]

Health Insurers Sue Government for Billions

By Guy Boulton, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. NOTE: It is clear to me that health insurers will never be satisfied with the amount of money they have. They ask for more money with promises of lowering premiums, and then find reasons to raise premiums when they get it. That is because private health insurers are financial […]