Letter to the Editor by Quinn Golden in Concord Monitor

Our for-profit health care system is a national embarrassment.

In health care, the same level of care should be provided to everyone regardless of income, social status, race, etc. Our current system of health care is not equitable.

It is clear that our economically disadvantaged neighbors are not served well by our system of health care. Obamacare has become unaffordable for many (there is no equity), and lacking votes to do away with the ACA, Republicans in Concord and Washington continue to dismantle it one piece at a time.

If you look at the low unemployment numbers in New Hampshire, it would seem that we should be in mighty prosperous times, but the truth is that many of the employed are actually under-employed, working poor. Most service-sector jobs provide just enough hours to keep employees trapped in the job that does not include benefits. Most of these folks don’t qualify for Medicaid and can’t afford to purchase a policy through the ACA.

For all of us, health care should be a right. We should not be put in a position in which we have to decide whether to buy medicine or groceries. Low-cost birth control, cancer screenings and preventive health care is required to promote the general welfare of the nation. In the wealthiest nation on Earth, lack of universal health care is a national embarrassment.

In the coming elections, both state and national, support only candidates who will work for universal single-payer health care.



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