Establishment looks to crush liberals on Medicare for All

The coalition that fought Obamacare repeal has fragmented as the party tries to follow through on campaign promises. By Adam Cancryn for Politico The united front that helped Democrats save Obamacare just a year ago is falling apart over single-payer health care. Deep-pocketed hospital, insurance and other lobbies are plotting to crush progressives’ hopes of […]

If you want Medicare-for-all, prepare for a long and bloody fight

By Paul Waldman for The Washington Post Over the last two years, the idea of government-guaranteed universal health coverage, often shorthanded as Medicare-for-all (I’ll refer to it as M4A from here) has grown from a minority belief within the Democratic Party to a majority belief, and one that is on its way to becoming consensus. […]

US spending too much, getting too little out of health care

By Stu Alderman for Reno Gazette Journal I had to laugh at Sam Kumar’s Sunday article regarding “Medicare for All” (“Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez have a math problem,” Dec. 9). It was either that or cry. On the basis of two loosely defined numbers, Kumar comes to the conclusion that moving our medical system from its current hodgepodge of […]

Rally for Universal Health Care

This Wednesday is Universal Health Coverage Day, and there will be a rally from Noon to 1 PM  on Wednesday (12/12/18) at the Federal Building at 6th and Holly streets in downtown Medford to urge Senator Ron Wyden to join Senator Jeff Merkley in sponsoring SB 1804, which calls for Single Payer Universal Health Care […]