6 Reasons Why a Medicare Buy-In Won’t Benefit Young People

By Brittany Shannahan for Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland What is the buy-in? The Medicare buy-in is one of many “moderate” alternatives to Medicare for All proposed by centrist House Democrats that offer no solutions for millennials. Led by Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY), the legislation would allow people between the ages of 50 and […]

House Democrats plan to hold hearings on Medicare for All

By David Weigel for Washington Post The new Democratic majority in the House will hold the first hearings on Medicare-for-All legislation, a longtime goal of the party’s left, after Speaker Nancy Pelosi lent her support for the process. “It’s a huge step forward to have the speaker’s support,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), who will […]

Should Institutional Providers Be Incentivized by Profit under Medicare for All?

By Lambert Strether for Naked Capitalism I’ve avoided writing about hospitals and other institutions, because my focus has always been on the patient, and whether they get, or don’t get, health care under our horrid mixed system of Medicaid, private insurance, and Medicare (subject to a neoliberal infestation though it may be). However, as Medicare […]

Single Payer Not Single Payer

Posted on Single Payer Action The people want single payer. The corporate class answers — not single payer. The people say — single payer — get rid of all the other payers. Get rid of the insurance companies. And while you’re at it, get rid of the health maintenance organizations and accountable care organizations and […]

CBO Will Score All Health Reform Plans as Nationalization

By Jon Walker for People’s Policy Project Opponents of Medicare for All say that the cost will scare people away, but the truth is that, because of the way the CBO scores health care policy, any significant effort to reform health care in a progressive way is going to suffer from the exact same “big […]

Democrats Don’t Just Support Medicare for All, 84% in New Poll Want Party Leaders to Make It ‘Extremely Important Priority’

“Are you listening?” party Leaders asked as new Politico/Harvard survey shows more than 8 in 10 Democrats think covering everyone “through taxpayer-fund national plan” should be urgent pursued By John Queally for Common Dreams ‘Are you listening?’ That was the question posed by healthcare justice advocates to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of […]