How Women Win with Medicare For All

By Kirsten Magnuson and Dr. Ana Malinow for Women’s E-News Women should rally around the Medicare-for-All bill introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this year. Medicare for All as proposed in HR 1384, along with its counterpart in the Senate, would benefit women in several essential ways. Because health insurance coverage would no longer be tied to […]

We Have a Dental Care Crisis. Medicare for All Could Solve It.

Guaranteed dental coverage would finally put an end to the deep inequities in U.S. oral health. By Natalie Shure for In These Times Over an early September weekend in 2017, some 850 visitors showed up to the University of Maryland (UMD) basketball arena in College Park. But the attendees weren’t there to watch a game, […]

Americans Actually Do Want Medicare for All

The media and the private insurance lobbyists are doing everything they can to twist the truth about public opinion on a public health system. Don’t listen: when it’s described accurately to them, a majority of Americans want Medicare for All. By Luke Savage for Jacobin America’s public debate on health care has long been riddled […]

Americans are dying because they can’t afford their insulin

“My son and Jesy, they were murdered. They were killed by big Pharma. The cause of death should actually be on their death certificates, corporate greed.” By Ruth Milka for Nation of Change Prices of insulin have skyrocketed over the past 15 years and Americans are paying with their lives. The same vial of insulin […]