How Value Based Programs Are Undermining Medicare and Single Payer

By Russell Mokhiber, Morgan County USA There is a growing sentiment, bubbling from the ground up, that before we get to Medicare for All, we need to first fix Medicare. Richard Bazarian, an eye surgeon in Portland, Maine, is supportive of the idea. “The senators who tout Medicare for All could prove their commitment by […]

How Medicare for All Would Stop Hospitals Like Hahnemann From Closing

By Adam Gaffney for The Nation On Monday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders joined hospital staff, patients, and activists in a large protest outside the doors of Hahnemann University Hospital, a major safety-net hospital in northern Philadelphia. The demonstration came days after another rally at the hospital, attended by an estimated 800 protesters, last week. The […]

Voters Are Less Scared of Government Healthcare Than You Think

By Libby Watson for Splinter News Democratic supporters of the public option, which include Joe Biden but also Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand, fear more than anything the wrath of the imaginary Voter Who Would Die For Their Private Insurer. A new poll from Morning Consult reveals that one particular aspect of this is flawed. […]

UnitedHealth’s political and financial heft just keeps growing

By Bob Herman for Axios UnitedHealth Group’s stock fell 2.3% yesterday even though the company continues to print money and raised its profit projections for the rest of the year. The big picture: Wall Street is quibbling over the “quality” of UnitedHealth’s earnings beat, but that doesn’t really matter. UnitedHealth remains the most financially powerful […]

Why we need Medicare for All

By Dr. Jack Donaldson for VC Star Angélica is a 44-year-old, undocumented, transgender woman who I have only seen a handful of times. In 2017, she qualified for one month of care under emergency Medi-Cal, after a visit to the emergency room. I was able to start her on gender-affirming hormones, but shortly thereafter she […]

Harvard researchers: ‘Medicare for All’ wouldn’t overwhelm hospitals

By Jacqueline Renfrow for Fierce Healthcare There seems to be no evidence that supports the belief that there would be a surge in hospital use if the government implements “Medicare for All,” according to a new analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.  Much of the debate around Medicare for All centers on a fear […]