The transformative potential of single-payer

An excerpt from Timothy Faust’s ‘Health Justice Now: Single Payer and What Comes Next.’ By Timothy Faust for The Outline Our highways are crumbling. Our trains, where they exist, are failing. Our sewer systems are disintegrating. So, too, is the health infrastructure of America. Under decades of for-profit domination, it has healed only some of […]

As Democrats Debate Single Payer, Humana’s Medicare Advantage Enrollment Soars

H.O.P.E. NOTE: As we advocate for National Improved Medicare for All, we must be aware that private health insurers are increasing their presence in Medicare through the so-called Medicare Advantage plans. We must be clear that we are advocating for a public system that excludes private insurance plans from covering what the system covers. No […]

Private Equity: The Perps Behind Destructive Hospital Surprise Billing

By Yves Smith for Naked Capitalism I have to confess to having missed how private equity is a central bad actor in the “surprise billing” scam that is being targeted by Federal and state legislation. This abuse takes place when hospital patients, even when using a hospital that is in their insurer’s network, are hit […]