Medicare for All would improve outcomes, reduce costs

By Andrew Huston for Herald Tribune It is time that we transition to a health-care system that assures coverage of every man, woman and child in this nation while controlling costs. The central goals of Medicare for All are to significantly improve health outcomes for U.S. residents while also forming effective cost controls. An economic […]

We’re doctors, and we’re debunking myths about Medicare for All

By Eve Shapiro and Paul Gordon Special to the Arizona Daily Star As physicians who have been working on improving our health care system by implementing an improved “Medicare for All,” we are dismayed by the current debate on health care reform, both on the part of the journalists and politicians. We hope to clear […]

Medicare-for-all would help pay for long-term care. Why don’t more people know that?

By Helaine Olen for Winston Salem Journal When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., spoke about Medicare-for-all at the July 30 Democratic presidential debate, he talked about how it would improve coverage for people currently receiving it. “For senior citizens, it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses,” he said. But Sanders forgot to mention […]

American Medical Association leaves coalition fighting ‘Medicare for All’

By Peter Sullivan for The Hill The American Medical Association (AMA), the nation’s main group for doctors, announced Thursday that it is leaving a coalition fighting “Medicare for All,” a blow to the industry’s efforts to push back on the progressive proposal.  The AMA said it is leaving the industry group called the Partnership for […]