Beware of the Medicare “Disadvantage” Corporate Trap – Wake Up AARP

By Ralph Nader for While the Democratic presidential candidates are debating full Medicare for All, giant insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare are advertising to the elderly in an attempt to lure them from Traditional Medicare (TM) to the so-called Medicare Advantage (MA) – a corporate plan that UnitedHealthcare promotes to turn a profit at the […]

Medicare for All bill passed in Bethlehem with unanimous vote

By Maddie Hayes for The Brown and White Anthony Downing, a working class union staff member, found himself in debt after he needed two invasive surgeries in the past six months for genetic spine issues. He said he supports Medicare for All, as a Bethlehem community member who has suffered as a result of the […]

The Killing Fields of American Health Care

By David Penner for Dissident Voice American health care is being crushed under the iron heel of a cabal of ruthless and merciless robber barons. Indeed, this primitive and backward system continues to be a source of horrendous suffering, as the health insurance companies, hospital executives, and pharmaceutical companies repeatedly place their insatiable lust for […]