Letter to Congresswoman Jayapal – Protect Everyone’s Health

The Honorable Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

1510 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Ms. Jayapal,

It is our utmost concern for the health of the people of the United States that compels us to urge you to correct some critical weaknesses of your draft health law. We deeply appreciate your commitment to health and the tremendous work you have put into writing a new national improved Medicare for all bill.

Though we have not seen the text, we recognize that you have strengthened the bill in key ways such as adding reproductive care and expanding services for those who require long term care.

There remain, as far as we are aware, three key areas that require strengthening before the bill is introduced.

The key areas are:

  1. Prohibiting for-profit providers and buying them out. For-profit providers have been proven over time to cost more and to provide inferior care compared to not-for-profit providers. For-profit hospitals, long term care facilities and dialysis centers have higher rates of mortality, resulting in an estimated 5,000 excess deaths each year. They do not belong in a system that seeks to improve health outcomes and reverse declining life expectancy. We understand the approach in the bill is to provide global budgets and restrict the funds from being used for profits. We are concerned that the for-profit facilities will either game the system, as private health insurers have done skillfully under the Affordable Care Act and find other ways to profit or they will decide to sell their properties to developers, which will result in a loss of those facilities from our health infrastructure. We urge you to institute a buyout of the for-profit facilities for their real value using bonds over time. This will ensure that we maintain access to health facilities for the population.
  2. A rapid implementation timeline that includes everyone from day one. HR 676 called for the new system to begin on January one of the year that is at least a year from the date of passage of the law. This allowed ample time for planning and a simplicity of the implementation that will create fewer problems. We understand the bill would use a two-year implementation that leaves those aged 20 to 54 out, which is 47% of the population, until the end of the second year. We see no justification for this delay, which will result in continued suffering in a segment of the population that is currently burdened by high debt and low pay. It will result in thousands of preventable deaths. As a nation, we are already paying more than enough for healthcare to provide comprehensive coverage to everyone under a single payer system. We urge you to include everyone in the system at once and as rapidly as possible.
  3. Including all people in the United States. Every person in the United States needs to be included in the national health system, including undocumented immigrants. This not only guarantees that health care is appropriately treated as a human right or public good, but it also reduces the risk of epidemics and pandemics from occurring, which could impact everyone. We understand there is anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States, but we also recognize this is a minority position that we are working to overcome. We cannot sacrifice our immigrant sisters and brothers for this system. We urge you to include all immigrants in the national system where they will be guaranteed health care and not leave it to the states, some of which will surely discriminate. We will defend the rights of all people to health care.

We recognize that bills become weaker over time, not stronger. We urge you to begin from the position of a strong bill, which the movement for single payer health care will work to defend.


George Acevedo, Bronx

Kathryn Acosta, Eatonville, WA

Dr. Garrett Adams, Past President, Physicians for a National Health Program*, Louisville, KY

JoAnn Ailes, Westville

Theresa Alexander, M.S., CCC-SLP, Parkville, MD

Sharon Aldrich, Arbor Vitae, WI

Alisa, BASW, Vancouver, WA

Richard Allen, PNHP,* Sterrett, AL

Kris Alman, Portland, OR

Mark Almberg, Chicago News Guild, Chicago

Cynthia Ambrogne-O’Toole, Scarborough, ME

J.L. Angell, Rescue, CA

Joshua Angelus, Waterbury, CT

Tina Ann, Bolinas, CA

Raul Anorve, Los Angeles, CA

Betty Arce, Bronx, NY

Nina Arshavsky, Chapel Hill

Richard Austin, Retired longshoreman, Mount Vernon, WA

Kathryn Averett, Sparks-Glencoe, MD

Dan Bailey, Wheaton, IL

Jean Bails, St. Claire, Shore, MI

David Baird, Denver, CO

Janine Baker

Brenda Balanda, Inverness, CA

Barbara, Addison, IL

David Barlow, Shepherdstown, WV

Michaela Barrett, Seattle, WA

Kimber Beachy, Goshen, IN

Vanessa Beck, Coordinating Committee, Black Alliance for Peace*, Baltimore, MD

Rev. Berget Jelane, San Jose, CA

Kelley Beld, Seattle, WA

Maria Bell, Chicago, IL

Ariane Benefit, MSEd, Bloomfield, NJ

Christina Bengtson, Red Berets/Medicare for all, Whole Washington*, PCO LD 44, Everett, WA

Ariana Benn, Alton, NH

Emily Benner, Martinsburg

Ernest Bennett, Montesano

Henry Bennett, MS, Portland, OR

Laura Bergquist, RN, Oceanside, CA

Royce Bishop, Portland, OR

Elizabeth Bjerke, Retired healthcare worker, Pittsburgh, PA

Sandra Black, Hickman, NE

Brad Blanton, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Stanley, VA

Bob Bonner, RN, Pittsburgh

Jonathan Boyne. Honolulu, HI

John R Brakey, Tucson

Patricia Brandon, Claverack, NY

Joni Brennan, Our Revolution Ocean County, NJ*, Lavallette, NJ

Bret, Jensen Beach FL

Lise Brikowski, Dover, NJ

Bob Brister, MSW, Salt Lake City, UT

Jon Britton, PSL, Campbell, CA

Jay Brock, MD, Fredericksburg, MD

Christopher T. Brown, LCSW, Delhi, NY

Susan Brown, Shepherdstown, WV

Robin Brownfield, Collingswood, NJ

B. Keith Brumley, Wisconsin Green Party, Milwaukee*, WI

Richard Bruno, MD, MPH, Family & Preventive Medicine physician, Baltimore, MD

Barney Bryson, Urbana

Emily Byrd, Chicago, IL

Elba Cabrera, BA, Bronx

Toni Caldwell-Clark, Kansas City, KS

Leslie Calk, Berea

Thomas Cannavo, Beachwood

Betty Capehart, PNHP-WW Board Member*, Seattle, WA

Craig Carley, Barryton, MI

Elizabeth L. Carson, Health Care is a Human Right*, Columbia, MD

Charlie Casper, Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare*, Louisville, KY

Juan Castro, Chicago, IL

Steven D Cecchini, Hauppauge, NY

Jordan Centers, RN, MSN, IL

Bruce Chapman

Kenneth Chay

Kathryn M. Christian, Grand Junction

Carol Claus, Marietta, GA

Marianne Clemente, Barnegat, NJ

Charles Clements, Las Cruces, NM

Ed Cloonan, Munhall, PA

K Cloud, Somerville, MA

Darlene Coffman, Rochester, MN

Steve Collins, Brooksville

Steve Collins, Macon, GA

Phyllis Comeaux, Tarzana

Garrett Connelly, Greenfield, MA

Tracey Conover, Eugene, OR

Louis Cook, San Diego, CA

Steven Cook, Tonopah, NV

Donna and Robert Corbitt, Hollywood, FL

Corlis, Bothell, WA

Jody Coss, Freeport, IL

Lauri Costello, MD, Durango, CO

Scott Cove, San Marcos, TX

Caryn Cowin, Palm Desert

Anne Craig, Asheville

Berry Craig, Mayfield

Kimberly Crail, MBA, CPA, St. Pete, FL

Jillaurie Crane, Venice, FL

Jeanne Crawford, San Francisco, CA

Avid Crow, Shoreline

Maureen Cruise, RN, Health Care for All -Los Angeles Chapter*, Los Angeles, CA

Maria Cruz, IL

Laura Cummins, New Castle, IN

Brian Cummings, Chickopee, MA

Lynn Currier, Lecanto, Florida

Pamela Cutaia, Nurse, Chicago

Nicolas J S Davies, North Miami, FL

Cindy Davis, New Milford, CT

Shulamit Decktor, PhD, Seattle, WA

Lenore Delgado, Palo Alto, CA

Olga Deltoro, Orlando, FL

Mercedita del Valle, PhD, Port Townsend

Demand Universal Healthcare-DUH

Diana L. Denboba, Health Care is a Human Right*, Hyattsville, MD

Ineke Deruyter, Portland, OR

Nicholas DeSantos, Houston, TX

Susanna De Sorgo, Lakewood

Joe DiNoto, Baltimore, MD

Steve Ditore, Seattle, WA

David Dorais, Seattle, WA

Will and Carolyn Doric, Harrisburg, PA

John Douglas, DSA, Santa Barbara, CA

Kim Dowling, Aptos

Kerry Drewett, Boise

Lucy Duff, Peace Action (Prince George’s County MD chapter)*, Lanham, MD

Rick Duley, Mercer

G. Richard Dundas, MD, VT

Kathy Duprey, Bainbridge, WA

Patrick Dwyer, 1ST Spec OPS MED Group Hurlburt Field, Fl, Pensacola, FL

Dr. William ‘Skip’ Dykoski, New Brighton, MN

Padma Dyvine, RN, Bat Cave, NC

Wendy Ebersberger, Front Royal, VA

Susan Eldridge, Somerville, MA

Peggy Elwell, San Jose

Jeanie Embry, Paducah, KY

Dagmar Fabian, Bellingham, WA

Mark Fabian, Pittsburgh, PA

Martha Faketty, Kalamazoo, MI

Deborah S. Farrell, New Albany, IN

Joshua Farris, The Dalles, OR

Jane Katz Field, MD, Putney, VT

Elliot Feldbau, DMD, North Easton

Joan Filipiak, Weston, WI

Judith E. Fletcher, Bronx

Margaret Flowers, MD, Popular Resistance, Baltimore, MD

Terry Flowers, Pharmacist-retired, Independence, MO

Carol Fodera, Occupational Therapist, La Crescenta, CA

Frank Anthony Fortino, Philadelphia

Sandra M. Fox, LCSW, Pittsburgh, PA

Norman Franks, Ukiah, CA

Elizabeth Freeman, Martinsburg, WV

James French, Frederick, MD

Elaine Friedman, Waterford

Paula Fuhrmann, Roslyn

Emily Galpern, MPH, Berkeley, CA

Marian Gamble, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace & Justice*, Sleepy Hollow, IL

Jennifer Ganey, Elizabeth City

Croitiene ganMoryn, Ocala, FL

Rouanna Garden, Springfield, OR

Sheila Garden, Mental health professional, Salinas, CA

Robert Gardiner, Sterling, VA

Mike Gardner, Oregon City

Amy Gauna, Sacramento, CA

Carol Gay, NJ State Industrial Union Council, Brick

L. Geraghty, Boise

Felicia B Gershberg, PhD, Together We Will* – San Jose, Sunnyvale

Kent Getsinger, Progressive Caucus of Democrats Abroad, Louisville, KY

Brian Gibbons, Cleveland, OH

Jason Gibson, FL

Jim Giddings, Greenville, NH

Prisca Gloor, Los Angeles, CA

Joan Goddard, Campbell, CA

Warren Gold, MD, Mill Valley, CA

Janice Goodell, Harvard,MA

Robin Gould, New York City, NY

Michael Gonzales, Green Party, Sunnyvale

Rosemary Grace, LMSW, Summit, NJ

Nancy S. Gregory, Family Nurse Practitioner, Charles Town, WV

Pamella Gronemeyer, MD, Glen Carbon, IL

William Grosh, CA

Ed Grystar, Chair, Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Health Care*, Oakmont, PA

Robert Guzley, Scottsdale, AZ

Sally Gwin-Satterlee, Co-Leader of Medicare for All – Santa Cruz*, Felton, CA

Peter Hall, Scappoose

Eric Halvorson, MD, Asheville, NC

Audrey Hanson, Berkeley, CA

Kevin Hanson, Indianapolis

Amy Harlib, NY

Michael Harrington, Brooklyn

Vickie Harrison, Albuquerque, NM

Evan Hauge, Monterey, CA

Timothy Havel, PhD, Boston, MA

Katharine Hay, Mount Vernon

Jane Hayes, Rockford, IL

Sharon Hayes, Valparaiso, IN

Health Care for All – Marin, Lagunitas, CA

Health Over Profit for Everyone

Susan Heath, Albany, OR

Heather, Penngrove, CA

Greg Hejl, Haslett, MI

Joanna Heller, Guilford, CT

Mary Hendron, Iowa

Judith Henkewick, Needham Heights, MA

David Hermanns, Portland, OR

Harriet Heywood, Homosassa, FL

Allan Hill, Olympia, WA

Amanda Hoffman, MA

Herbert J Hoffman, MD, PDA of Central New Mexico*, Albuquerque, NM

Lanlan Hoo, Wheaton, MD

Larry Hovekamp, Louisville, KY

Brian T. Houlehan, DSA, Cleveland, OH

Nina Hubenschmidt, Wolverine Lake

Sarah Hufbauer, MD, Seattle, WA

Lynn Huidekoper, Health Care for All-California*, Menlo Park, CA

Jane Hussain, Nashville, TN

Virginia Iadicicco, HOPE, Pittsburgh, PA

Christine Ihde, Indivisible, Network, and Bread for the World member, Freeport, IL

Michael Ippolito, Team Good, Boston, MA

Jack, Ashland, OR

Madeleine Jacobs, MD, Florence

Karen Jacques, Ph.D., Sacramento, CA

Todd Jailer, Hesperian Health Guides*, Berkeley, CA

Andrew S Janik, MD, Napa, CA

Glen Janken, Los Angeles, CA

Linda Jansen, Seattle, WA

Jeff, Los Angeles

Jeff, St. Pete

Jeffrey, Amboy, WA

Harriette MI Jensen, Oakland, CA

Mark Johnson, Chicago, IL

Charlotte A Jones, Elmhurst, IL

Kit Jones, M.ED, L.P.C., Fort Worth, TX

Julie Joseph, Greenbelt, MD

Sumitra Joy, National Consumer Voice Leadership Council*, CA

Judith, Monticello, IL

Kimberley Jutze, Washington, DC

Dave Kalata, Seattle, WA

Jeffrey R. Kaplan MD LLC, Ellicott City, MD

Oolaa Kaplan, Bellevue, WA

Steve Kassel, MFT, Santa Clarita

Michael Kast, Panorama City, CA

Lynne Kavin, LCSW, Chicago, IL

C. Keeneholt, Progressive Maryland*, MD

Charles Keener, SEIU member, Vienna, VA

Julie Keller Pease, M.D., Topsham, ME

Dan Kelley, Kurtistown, HI

Chris Kermiet, Denver, CO

Paul Kesler, Bridgeport, PA

Agoya Killeen

David Kirsh, LPC RN, Durham, NC

Mio Kitano, PNHP, San Antonio TX

Merry Klemm, Rockford, IL

Gary Kleppe, Villa Park, IL

Marc Koller, Congressional Candidate, Portland

Aline Koppel, Health Care Administrator, La Jolla, CA

Jonathan Krainak, Omaha, NE

Bob Krasen, Columbus, OH

Al Krieger, Jamaica

Gretchen Kuklo, Howard City, MI

Eugenia Kuttler, San Diego, CA

Rich Lague, Seattle, WA

James Lang, Oak Grove, MO

Paul Larkin, Mosheim, TN

Susan Larsson, Winthrop, WA

Andrea Leanza, Troy, NY


Derek and Ann Legg, Richmond, CA

Matt Lennon, Ellensburg, WA

Giovanna Lepore, Jericho, VT

Judith Cashin Lerma, RNC MSN CCM, San Antonio TX

Letitia, Denver

Julie Levine, Topanga Peace Alliance, MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles*, Topanga

Evelyn Lewis, Seattle, WA

Leslie L. Lewis, Nurse-Lawyer, New York, NY

Tami Linder, Rio Rancho

Daniel Lindley, Eugene, OR

Maribeth Linhart, Retired local government HR professional, Livermore, CA

Carol L Liu, Friday Harbor, WA

Robert Loglisci, Fernandina Beach, FL

Kristin Loken, Falling Waters, WV

Cole Long, Charlotte

Ethel Long-Scott, Women’s Economic Agenda Project, Oakland, CA

Carol Lopez, Pomona, CA

Patsy Lowe, Simi Valley

Patricia Luppino, Northport, NY

Richard Lutz, Frankfort, MI

Lynn, Portland, OR

Martha Lynne, RN, Tucson, AZ

Judy Lyons, Louisville, KY

April Mackay, Englewood, CO

Laura MacKay, Greenfield, MA

Bill Mahan, Lexington, KY

Paul Malikowski, Medicare Recipient, Reno, NV

Phil Manke, Wautoma, WI

Linnea Maravell, Healer, Saco

Jessica Marcy, RN, Denver, CO

Dave Margolis, LCPC, Buffalo Grove, IL

Bruno Marks, Simpsonville, SC

Alice Marshall, Washington, DC

Jeff Martin, Jacksonville

Robert Martin, El Cajon

Elizabeth Marxsen

Carol Mattoon, Flushing

Mary-Ellen Maynard, Healthcare for All Fremont Count,* Cañon City, CO

Ken McDaniel, Vancouver

John McDermott, New York, NY

Shannon McDonough, Buckley, WA

Michael D. McKinley, Chair, Improved Medicare for All Task Force, Polk County Democrats Central Committee, Des Moines, IA

David McLanahan, MD, Seattle, WA

Joan Meierotto, CCL, Afton, MN

Twyla Meyer, Pomona

Terri Michel, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Madison, WI

Rachel Miller, Monona, WI

Karl Mingus, Milpitas, CA

Al Mitchell, Louisville, KY

John Moffett, MD, North Potomac

Alicia-Pilar Mogollon, Tucson, AZ

Lisa Mojica, DSA, Oceanside

Dorothy Moloney, Holman

Summer A Montacute, Seattle

Tanya Montez, Elk Grove, CA

Robert M. Montgomery, Jackson, CA

Hugh Moore, RN, Los Angeles

Kyra L Moore, Pisgah Forest, NC

Pat Moore, Charlotte, NC

Antonio Mora, San Jose

Layne Mostyn, Columbia, MD

Cary Moy, Oak Park, IL

Bill Moyer, Vashon Island, WA

Linda Napier, Sun City West

Eric G. Naumburg, MD, MPH, Coordinating Council, Health Care is a Human Right Maryland*, Columbia, MD

Paul Navarro, Bronx

Mark A Neumann, MD, Lacrosse, WI

Elizabeth Neuse, Hamden, CT

Stephen and Robin Newberg, New Britain

Phil Nichols, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Sonora

Rael Nidess, M.D., Marshall, TX

Nancee Noel, Sun City

Judy Northrop, Laguna Woods, CA

Ralph Novy, Hillsboro

Kristen Nygren, MD, Ithaca

Corey E. Olsen, Delafield, WI

Vickie Mueller Olvera, CA

Susan O’Shea, St. Petersburg, FL

Judith Pack, Redbank, NJ

Stephen Padgett, Norfolk, VA

Jean Palmer, Lincoln

John Papandrea, Local Union #3 IBEW*, New York

Evan M Papp, Empathy Media Lab, Riverdale, MD

Michael Pappas, MD, New York, NY

Donald Parker

Sarah Parker, Medical Student, Students for a National Health Program*, Louisville, KY

Sheila Parks, Ed.D., Watertown, ME

Martha Paterson-Cohen, Social Gerontologist, Sacramento, CA

Bruce Patrick, Lima

Patty, Healthcare for All—Humboldt*, Willow Creek, CA

George L. Pauk M.D., HOPE, Phoenix, AZ

Richard Paulis, PNHP member, Vashon, WA

Dennis Pearl, Port Matilda, PA

Christine Pepin, Santa Clara County Green Party*, Sunnyvale

Christine Perlin-Gump, Kentuckians for Single Payer*, Louisville, KY

John Perryman, MD, St. Charles

James Peterson, Lake Stevens, WA

Khanh Pham, MUS, Portland

Jan Phillips, Durango Indivisible Healthcare Committee member

Roger Jason Plog, Bellevue, WA

Kathleen A Powers, Northside Action For Justice*, Chicago, IL

Joan L Prentice, RN, CHPN, Louisville, KY

Darryl Pressley, Wilton Manors

Chris Previti, Philadelphia, PA

Anne ProudFire, Rochester, NY

Frank Puig, Former Deputy Commr., NYS Dept. of Social Services, New York

D L Puthoff, MD, Louisville, KY

Stephan Ramdohr, Medicare for All CT*, Putnam, CT

Katrina Ramquist Wesson, Health Care for All Y’All*, Hillsborough, NC

Kathleen M Randall, PNHPWW*, Shoreline, WA

Tom Reed, San Francisco, CA

Michele Reynolds, Oak Park

Jeff Rhorer, Ashland, OR

Beverly Rice, New York, NY

Carolyn Ricketts, Edgewater

Patricia Rieser, Retired Nurse Practitioner, Durham, NC

Mary Roberti, Elgin, IL

Veronica Roberts, Tijeras, NM

Dorene Robinson, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN), Seattle, WA

Gregory Robinson, Bicknell

Tina Rockett, RN, Virginia

Al Ronzoni, Democrat, Long Island City, NY

Kathy Rosenberg, Nurse Midwife, New York, NY

Vincent Russell, PhD student, Broomfield, CO

Cy S., Montclair, NJ

Val Sanfilippo, BA, San Diego, CA

Marc Sapir, MD, Berkeley, CA

Carole Sarcinello, Greeneville, TN

Elizabeth A Saurin, Forest Park, GA

Eric Schechter, Professor Emeritus, Nashville, TN

Anne Scheetz, MD, Chicago, IL

Michael Scheinberg, AFT – United Adjuncts of NJ, Local 2222,* Collingswood, NJ

John D. Schmit, Salida

Sister Gladys Schmitz, RN, Mankato, MN

Judy Schroeder, Poor People’s Campaign*, Louisville, KY

Jamieson Scott, Wilmington, NC

Susan Selbin, MD, Albuquerque, NM

Kami Seligman, MD, Scarsdale

Sofia Sepulveda, San Antonio, TX

Catherine Severin, RN, Eland, WI

Christie Shanafelt, MD, Richardson

William L Sharfman, MD, New York

Mary Shesgreen, Elgin

Kathy Shimata, Honolulu

Marian L Shostrom, Health Care for All – Contra Costa County*, Pleasant Hill, CA

Eugenia Shupe, CO

Alankrita Siddula, Medical Student and a member of Students for a National Health Program, Chicago

Steven James Silva, New York, NY

Joan Simon, San Jose

Gwendolyn Sky, Cave Junction, OR

Betsy Slack

J T Smith, Sellersville. PA

Jerome Soldo, Medical student, Louisville, KY

Curt Sommer, Sacramento, CA

Stephen Soucy, Ellsworth, ME

Louis Sparks, Louisiana

Jon Spitz, Laytonville, CA

Jamie Spritzer, Belmont, CA

Kathy Srp, Albany, OR

Lee Stanfield, Tucson, AZ

David Stanley, Champaign, IL

Suzanne Stell, Woodscreek, NJ

Nancy Stetten, Nashville, TN

Joel Stewart, Olympia, WA

Todd Stewart, Olympia, WA

Diane Stokes, Astoria

Anatolij Strangar, Chicago

Marija Stroke, DMA, New York

Michael Suess, Chicago, IL

Sheila Sweeney, NWI Medicare for All*, Valparaiso, IN

Michele Swenson, Denver, CO

Connie Tate, New York

Mark L Taylor, Genoa

Isaac Marion Thacker IV, Louisville

Thomas, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

John Thompson, International Representative, UE*, Clinton, PA

Nancy Thorson, Maple Valley

Scott Thursby, B.S. Special Education, Naples, FL

Kay Tillow, All Unions Committee for Single Payer Health Care–HR 676, Louisville, KY

Walter Tillow, Louisville, KY

Julie Torgeson, San Francisco, CA

Liz Trojan, Portland, OR

Troy Troyer, Concord, CA

Elizabeth Tucker, Silver Spring, MD

Kristina Marie Turner, M.S., Las Cruces, NM

Ralph Tuscher, Cement City, MI

Etta Tyler, Santa Cruz, CA

Eric Tylka, Chicago, IL

Guinn E Unger Jr, Bayfield, CO

Ron Unger, Dallas, TX

John Utler, Elgin, IL

Rita Valenti, Clarkston, GA

Thomas Van Gorden, Sebastopol, CA

Kelly Van Sciver, Tollhouse, CA

Gillian Veneto, Milton, MA

Philip A. Verhoef, MD, PhD, Chicago, IL

Tom Violett, Chair Monmouth County Green Party*, Farmingdale, NJ

Yolanda Vitale, Surprise, AZ

Nathan Vogel, San Francisco

Connie Sowa Wachala, Highland, IN

Susan Wahl, RN, Farmington Hills

Jonathan Walker, MD, Fort Wayne, IN

Frank D. Walsh, Poets Union, Philadelphia, PA

Paula Ward, Stanfordville

Barbara Warren, MD, MPH, Physicians for Social Responsibility*, Tucson

George Watson, Atlanta, GA

William Webber, MS, Kansas City, MO

Frances Weinstock MD, Louisville

Edmund Weisberg, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Eleanor Weisman, MD, Meadville

Bonnie Weiss, Emeryville, CA

Elizabeth Weiss, Ph.D., Bronx, NY

Giudi Weiss, Chicago, IL

Lorraine Wells, Tampa, FL

Meredith West, Chicago, IL

William West, Landenberg, PA

Berit Westby, Broomfield, CO

Nancy Westman, APRN, CNP, PMHNP-BC, Minneapolis, MN

Pol Wheelock, Waterville, ME

Lael White, LMTc, Mountlake Terrace

Jeffrey A White, Forest Grove

Mary White, CHCNC, Durham, NC

Robert Wilfong, New Port Richey

Dr. George Wilkerson, Nashville, TN

Beverly Williams, Medford, OR

Courtney Williams, Morrilton, AR

Natalie Williams, Auburn

Terrie C Williams, Vidor

Susan Willis, Retired RN School Nurse, Tucson, AZ

Rie Wilson, Shepherdstown, WV

Sally Roberts Wilson, Morgantown

Betty Winholtz, Morro Bay, CA

Hunter Winn, Michigan

Andrea Witte, Tucson, AZ

Rebecca Wolfersberger, Social worker, Canoga Park, CA

Monica Wood, Seattle, WA

Jane Woods, Ferrum, VA

Lynn Yellott, Eastern Panhandle (WV) Single-Payer Action Network, Shepherdstown, WV

Kevin Zeese, Baltimore, MD

*For identification purposes.

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